Professor Evans's Schedule


Image BeardedScientist.jpg
Type Utility System

Responses to Functions

Functions Message U Result
Offense ≥ 1 You easily crash the scheduling system. It'll probably start back up shortly, but it's probably inconveniencing some professors right now. 2 (removes routine)
Command ≥ 1 You dip into the calendar database and add an entry for yourself to see Professor Evans. Now to go see if he honors it.

You've earned 2 XP in Perception/Will
Allows you to talk to him
View ≥ 1 You look over the system. It controls scheduling for the professors in the building here.

If you could figure out how to send it a command, it'd probably let you schedule an appointment with that Professor Evans.
Other You ask it politely to schedule you an appointment, but it doesn't seem to understand you.
  • Offense takes priority.
  • Command takes next priority.
  • View takes next priority.
  • Defense, and Null count as Other.


Novos Test Server

Note: will only show up after you've heard about him and before getting into his office.

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