Project Rag Man


Image projectragman.jpg
Description Unleash your holographic copy of the Rag Man
Chain 7
Type Etheric
Attribute Perception
Special Base Damage 8 with the hologram

Attack Summary

Condition Base
You move your hand at <opponent> as though suggesting something waving in the wind.
With a solid Rag Man hologram* 8
The green light in your hand expands into a shadow wearing ragged clothes. It swoops down on <opponent>, cutting into him for <X> damage.
With a solid Rag Man hologram*, following Ragged Tendrils 12
The green light in your hand expands to infuse the streamers, rendering them as ribbons of emerald crystal. The ribbons cut into <opponent> for <X> damage.


* If this technique directly follows another successful projection the only solid hologram required is the one initiating the group.


Defeating a Rag Man hologram with a solid Rag Man hologram equipped.

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