Project Skull


Image projectskull.jpg
Description Manifest a deadly image in emerald light
Chain 9
Type Etheric
Attribute Perception
Special Base Damage 12 with the appropriate focus

Attack Summary

Condition Base
You point your fist at <opponent> for no discernible reason.
With a solid skull hologram* 12
The green light in your hand shines out, revealing itself as a glowing human skull. Its radiance burns and chills <opponent> for <X> damage.
With a solid skull hologram* vs. Etheric technique 18
The green light in your hand shines out, growing into an immense skull. Its radiance sears and freezes <opponent> for <X> damage.


* Requires either a) a solid skull hologram or b) following another successful Projection technique (eg. Project Spider with a solid spider equipped, or Project Spider-Project Rag Man with a solid Rag Man). Does not require Etheric.


Defeating a skull hologram with a solid skull hologram equipped.

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