Project Spider


Image projectspider.jpg
Description Spin a spider of light
Chain 8
Type Etheric
Attribute Perception
Special Base Damage 10 with appropriate support

Attack Summary

Condition Base
You move your hand towards <opponent> like a scuttling spider.
With a solid spider hologram* 10 Does not require Etheric.
The green light in your hand unfolds into a massive spider that tears into <opponent> for <X> damage.
With a solid spider hologram*, following Call the Swarm 15
The green light in your hand shines into the spiders crawling over <opponent>. They tear into <pronoun> with renewed vigor, dealing <X> damage.


* If this technique directly follows another successful projection the only solid hologram required is the one initiating the group.


Defeating a spider hologram with a solid spider hologram equipped.

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