Project Tentacles


Image projecttentacles.jpg
Description Call tentacles of light
Chain 8
Type Etheric
Attribute Perception
Special Base Damage 10 with the appropriate source

Attack Summary

Condition Base
You wiggle your fingers at <opponent> in a faintly creepy manner.
With a solid writhing hologram* 10
The green light in your hand unfolds into lashing tendrils of energy that deal <X> damage to <opponent>.
With a solid writhing hologram* and opponent is standing on solid ground (non-aquatic and non-flying) 12
The green light in your hand extends into the ground, bursting back up under <opponent> as grasping tendrils. Their crushing grip deals it <X> damage.


* If this technique directly follows another successful projection the only solid hologram required is the one initiating the group.


Defeating a writhing hologram with a solid writhing hologram equipped.

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