Protein Analysis (function)

For the Routine of the same name, see Protein Analysis (routine).


Image proteinanalysis.jpg
Description Offload your protein analysis
Unsubtle 4


2/6 - protein manipulator


Only seems to work on random university net sites. If you try to use it on the computer lab workstation or Ancient Ruins sites or flying delivery drones it gives:

The system won't let you make the sort of calls you need to get the analysis started. It was sort of a long shot anyway, but someone who doesn't keep things updated might let you through.

Post batch, normally:

You can't seem to scrape together enough spare memory to start up the analysis. You'll have to open the memory up somehow.

Or, if you used 1-4 Offence first - see discussion?

Your attacks open up enough spare memory to start up your protein analysis.

Adds Protein Analysis routine to the highest security level of the site. This persists across multiple hacking sessions if you find another link to the same site again.

Or, if you've already successfully used it:

It looks like there's already something siphoning off the background resources for this system.

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