Public Files


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Type File System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense ≥ 1 You crash the public file system. It's… satisfying, even if not terribly useful. O+1 Gain 1 XP, removes routine
Command ≥ 1,
View ≥ 1
The only public file is a document of new security policies, apparently implemented after a failed inspection. They sound surprisingly strict, but they might be justified by the environment outside.

Apparently, outside research excursions have all been canceled and access to the supply lockers is supposed to be controlled and audited centrally. It also says that any changes will have to be routed through Heimdall in Security until Sigurd returns.

The tone of the message is hard to pinpoint through the corporate jargon and codenames, but it seems intended to make the reader feel like a scolded child.
Other The public file system doesn't seem to be particularly offensive… or interested in you in any way. 0


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