Pumping Adrenaline


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Description Nothing gets the old adrenaline pumping like some gang violence… and a cybernetic implant with the sole purpose of pumping adrenaline. You're feeling a little hair-trigger, which is funny, because you're not sure you'd notice getting shot.
Hidden Flags Raging Effect
Effects +3 Etheric Defense
+3 Melee Defense
+3 Ranged Defense


From a close or lost fight in PvP with a adrenal pump installed.

Gain a few turns of Pumping Adrenaline, capped at 6 turns. Seems likely to gain more turns if you lose.

If you win, sometimes:

The world is drowned out by the sound of blood pumping in your ears.

If you lose or tie, sometimes:

You wake up to the sound of blood pumping in your ears.

And if you cap at 6 turns, the following line is appended to either of the above.

The red rage rolls through you. It's almost like a high all its own, feeding itself endlessly to greater heights.

Removed By

Using a Panacea Pill

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