Punk Burning Barrel



Encounter Conditions

Dressed as punk

Initial Text

A student with a mohawk motions you over to a strangely familiar sight: a dozen or so people drinking and keeping the chill away with the help of a barrel full of burning garbage. Apparently, they decided that was the appropriate lighting scheme for their Halloween party.

You notice a few workers along with the punks. They're all passing around beers, basically all Metros.

Summary of Choices

  1. Stay and chat - gain 4 XP in Will
  2. Collect some beer - gain 3 Metros Light
  3. Pass a Metros Light - gain Metros Special, lose Metros Light
  4. Pass a Metros Special - gain pumpkin microbrew, lose Metros Special
  5. Leap to the attack - fight 2 Punk Students
  6. Leave them be - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Stay and chat

You chat with everyone around the burn barrel. The alcohol has certainly loosened everyone's tongues.

The punks seem quite happy with how their party turned out, even if there are still some insane drones and, in their opinion, equally insane Midgard Security wandering around.

The workers are drinking to the deaths of several colleagues, but are glad that the work is wrapping up.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

Collect some beer

You manage to collect a few bottles of beer, but they mostly seem to be hoarding the good stuff for themselves. Which, you suppose, is probably fair.

You found: 3 bottles of Metros Light

Pass a Metros Light

You pass around a bottle of Metros Light and end up with a bottle of Metros coming back around to you. It doesn't occur to you until a while later that the bottle you got back is both full and has a different color label.

You found: Metros Special

Pass a Metros Special

When you pull out your Metros Special, one of the punks whoops and offers you a bottle of some weird microbrew for it. Well, it probably can't be worse then Metros.

You found: pumpkin microbrew

Leap to the attack

Several of the students scatter, dragging others, but two are sober enough to stand and drunk enough to fight.

(Fight 2 Punk Students)

Leave them be

Yeah, you get enough burn barrels in Southside, no reason to screw around with them here.

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