Punk Uprising


To start the quest, beat up the Insulting Punk or Mistaken Punk until the two Punk Students combat encounter appears. I don't think insulting that punk does anything, but you can try it if you want to collect more concrete data. In any case, make sure not to insult him after successfully beating him up nor with at least 10 Etheric Power or he'll get removed for the day.



Quest Log

Starting quest

The punks on the Metroplex University Quad have become far more violent, as though someone kicked the proverbial hornets' nest.

After giving them some explosives

You've been supplying the punks on the Quad with explosives.

After giving them enough explosives

The punks have started making war on the Quad and seem to have picked up a mysterious benefactor… other than you.

After talking with the Figure in Flames

You've spoken with the punks' mysterious benefactor. He seems to have something to do with the Blind Legion.

End - if you killed the Silhouette in Flames or sniped the Figure in Flames

You "took care of" the punks' mysterious benefactor… other mysterious benefactor.

End - if you convinced the Figure in Flames to let you join up

You've become the punks' mysterious benefactor, courtesy of the Blind Legion.

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