Pursued Guard



Encounter Conditions

  • Only if you haven't finished the Problems on the Docks quest
  • If you let him die, this encounter stops showing up.
  • If you jump in front and win the fight, this encounter stop showing up and it unlocks the Rescued Guard encounter.
  • If you jump in front of him and lose (or tie?), this encounter continues to exist.

Initial Text

A security guard comes tearing across your path. "Oh god, you've got to help me, this terrible thing! It's chasing me! Help me!"

A twisted figure jumps from behind a nearby pile of crates and lands a few meters from the guard. He bolts again.

Summary of Choices

  1. Jump in front of the creature (good) - Fight ghoul
  2. Leave him to die - Listen to his screams (lose one energy); triggers cold coin

Choice Text and Results

Jump in front of the creature (Good (2))

You jump between the… thing and the guard. The creature turns its attention on you while the guard manages to escape.

(Fight a ghoul)

(If you win, unlock the one-time Rescued Guard encounter. If you lose/tie, you can continue to try again)

Leave him to die


You turn your back on the chase and wander back into the crates. The chase quickly moves out of sight, but you can still hear the screams and tearing flesh.

(Permanently removes this encounter, preventing ever getting Rescued Guard.)

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