Putrid Mass


Image lumpofcoal.jpg
Description This lump of raw sewage has congealed into something resembling a solid state. You're not entirely sure you want to handle it, but presumably it's some sort of 'treasure.'
Type Usable
Use You gingerly rub the lump of sewage on yourself, resulting in a layer of disgusting grime. It's going to be good camouflage until it wears off, but damn, the smell is overpowering.
Multi You go all out and rub the lumps of sewage all over yourself. You're now covered from head to toe in disgusting grime. It'll be easier to stay hidden… at least from anyone who doesn't notice the stench.
Effects Gains 5 energy of Vile camouflage


Using Monarch's Call in the Dockside Sewers


Perhaps unwisely, mix some Nightmare Fuel with a Putrid Mass
Nightmare Fuel Putrid Mass
= Disgusting Slug
Boil down some petrol sludge and a putrid mass
Petrol Sludge Putrid Mass
= Refined Petrol
Mix a Putrid Mass and some Bat Guano
Putrid Mass Bat Guano
= Mass of Guano
Heat and mix a Putrid Mass and a Water Sapphire
Water Sapphire Putrid Mass
= Putrid Sapphire
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .02 Curiosities
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