Quality Neural Recordings

These Neural Recordings can provide excellent XP when you have low stats but quickly become less effective at higher levels. These can be used to quickly get your stats back up after resetting.

Each chip costs 10 old coins and can be bought from the Smuggler's Market on the Waterfront. They are only available for purchase once you have completed a beta reset. (?)

Chip Attribute
crane memory Perception
island raid memory Reflexes
climber's memory Strength
family dinner memory Will


Each chip can provide a large amount of XP in one attribute, and minor amounts in a couple more. The large XP gain is equal to

XP = 375 - 0.15 * ATT * ATT

Where ATT is the value of your (unbuffed) attribute. There is a small variation of 2-3 XP around the expected value, possibly because of substats or just randomness. When your attribute reaches exactly 50 the chips only give 2-3 XP.

As with all neural recordings, taking too many in a day can give you a chip headache.

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