Quests are game-offered goals in Metroplexity. They tend to be loosely provided by Contacts or even Encounters.

You can now see what quests you currently have active in the Quest Log by clicking on the Quests link in the top pane. Completing "main quests" advance the main story line, and completing side quests generally give you skills or unique item rewards. Most quests in the game have multiple ways to complete them. Once you complete all the main quests you have the option to reset and play them again, to either a try different path through or attempt to complete it quicker.

Quest Required to begin Notes
Main Quests
Southside Park Quest Southside
Docks Quest The Docks
University Quest:
- Freeing David
- Freeing Dr. Amundsen
- Joining The Third Eye
- Releasing the Hostages
- Hostage Investigation
Metro U
Slags Quest The Slags
The Survivors:
- David's Exploration
- Dr. Amundsen's Legacy
- Dr. Amundsen's Key
- Hel's Suspicions
- Lo's Investigation
The Slags
Oldtown Oldtown
Heart Of Midgard Downtown (currently in development)
Side Quests
Whispers in the Park Southside Park Requires completing Southside Park Quest
Docks Medicine The Docks
Dock Song The Docks
Problems on the Docks The Docks
Waterfront Struggles The Docks
Dr. Thomas The Docks Requires completing obtaining her number
The Protest Metro U
The Missing Artist Metro U Requires completing The Protest and Problems on the Docks
The Black Sketchbook Metro U Requires certain path in The Missing Artist
Big M's Maps Metro U Requires Gang Warfare
Coding Assistance Metro U
Dr. Myers Quest Metro U
The Golden Chip Metro U
Lost Watch Metro U
Punk Uprising Metro U
Vigilante Quest Metro U Requires Gang Warfare
Boris's Hunt The Slags
Cellular Questions The Slags
Grad Student Quest The Slags Requires Grad Student Quest
The Lost Son:
- Wandering Third Eye
The Slags Requires certain path in Docks Medicine
Ship of the Damned The Slags
Slags Antidote The Slags
Slags Communication The Slags
Oldtown Challenge Oldtown Requires Waterfront Struggles via Families
Oldtown Installation Oldtown Requires Waterfront Struggles via Third Eye
Face of the Dragon Downtown
Ghostly Aid Downtown
Yakuza Job Downtown
Help from the Family Downtown
Third Eye's Aid Downtown

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See also Skills, which includes many quest rewards and additional skills as well.

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