Quivering Rifle


Image AutomaticRifle.jpg
Description This assault rifle shakes lightly in your hands. It's strange. Normally you'd consider that to be a design flaw.

In this case, though, it seems to always shake just the right amount to get your crosshairs on the target.
Type Weapon (hidden: automatic weapon)
Requires 8 Base Perception
Effects +10 Ranged Power
+5 Stealth Power
+5 Reflexes


Forge some Quivering Steel with Assault Rifle Fittings
Quivering Steel Assault Rifle Fittings
= Quivering Rifle


Refit a Quivering Rifle with a Magnetic Coil
Quivering Rifle Magnetic Coil
= Quivering Needler
toolbox.jpg assault rifle fittings, quivering steel
GoldCoins.jpg .3 Arms
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