Ramshackle Fortress



Encounter Conditions

(2nd floor) (Only when not Etheric)

Initial Text

In a dark corner of the Slags, you find a ramshackle fortress of crates, watched over by two recently-installed wall turrets. You can hear a pair of voices inside. Sound like scientists from the jargon.

Summary of Choices

  1. Strike up conversation Gain Instaheat soup first time, otherwise:
    1. Talk about the Slags - information
    2. Ask for Directions - proceed across the floor
    3. Bring up Dr. Johnson -unlock Dr. Johnson, I presume?
    4. Bring up Project Huiginn Only if you know about the lab - information
    5. Record their Introductions Only if you know about the lab - get Slags refugee recording
  2. Charge right in - Fight 2 Midgard Scientist and 2 Wall Turret
  3. Steal from the crates - 2 Instaheat soup and 1 powerful acid or 1 MBR antidote or 1 Nitro. Gain 2 XP in Reflexes
  4. Ignore them - Nothing, but uses energy

Choice Text and Results

Strike up conversation

You approach carefully. The scientists seem cautious at first, like they expect you to kill them at any moment, but warm to you quickly enough.

"It all started with a freak storm outside, Sig… Johnson wasn't wearing his gas mask. He seemed fine at first, we didn't think anything of it at the time…"

He shudders a bit. "But, by the time we set up base camp here… he'd infected the others somehow. Slipped something in the food, we think. Had to destroy all of it… all we've got left is a couple crates of Instaheat soup."

As if to prove it to you, he tosses you a can.

You found: Instaheat soup

(Or if you've talked to them before:)

The scientists look up from their cans of Instaheat soup to greet your return. One forces a smile, but it dims rather quickly.

Talk about the Slags

They outline what they know about the Slags, which ultimately doesn't amount to much. The entire area was scoured clean and contaminated by some strange chemicals in an industrial accident a decade ago.

Now it's best to wear a full containment suit but, for short treks like the one they were planning, mundane gas masks can work as well. Accidents happen fairly often here, mostly blamed on the mind-altering properties of the chemicals.

Generally groups also carry an antidote to counteract any exposure. Unfortunately the supervisor carrying the antidote was the one exposed in their case.

Ask for Directions

The scientists outline a vague map for you. They haven't been above this level, but point you in the general directions of the staircases.

Bring up Dr. Johnson

The scientists look at each other pensively for a moment, then one shrugs. The other begins to explain haltingly.

"Dr. Johnson is… was, I guess, our boss. He was responsible for the lab near here. A bunch of us… about two dozen in all, were selected for a short trip out here."

He sighs. "We already mentioned he went crazy and poisoned the food, right? Well, after that he ran off."

"The last we heard, he was hiding out on the north side of the fifth floor. But the person who said that was… a little crazy himself, said Johnson could move through walls and had pet dogs made of crystal."

"So, I guess that's where I'd start looking for him. But take it with a grain of salt."

Unlocks Dr. Johnson, I presume??

Bring up Project Huiginn

They both stop to stare at you for a moment. "Huginn? Really? That's kind of creepy."

"The only time we heard of it was just before… well, maybe just after, Johnson went nuts on us."

The other scientist picks up the train of thought. "He said something about how it was a failure, but from its failure, he'd build an even greater success. Then congratulated himself about going to its master, like it was the best idea he'd ever had."

The first scientist chuckles dryly. "Yeah. We thought that he'd left to go find the old head of the project. That's before we realized he'd poisoned the food and sabotaged all the masks."

Record their Introductions

They introduce themselves as Dr. Fisher and Dr. Andreev. You carefully palm your comm and record the introductions for later.

Hopefully their accesses haven't been revoked… and the security system works as poorly as it does in movies.

You found: Slags refugee recording

Or (if introduced before)

The doctor on the left, by the name of Fisher if you recall correctly, gives you a concerned look. "Are you sure you're alright? Fugue state and memory loss can be effects of Slags Intoxification."

They don't have any antidote on hand, but perform some basic medical care for your benefit.

You regain 40-48 hit points!

Charge right in

The two scientists shout for help and two carefully concealed turrets swivel around to aid them.

Doesn't seem like much of a fair fight at all.

The coin in your hand grows cold.

(Fight two Midgard Scientist and two Wall Turret)

Steal from the crates

You carefully sneak up on the encampment, peel open one of the outer crates, and make off with its contents. Huh, two cans of soup and a bunch of empty vials.

Oh, missed one. Two cans of soup and one vial with something in it.

The coin in your hand grows cool.

You found: 2 cans of Instaheat soup

You found: 1 powerful acid or 1 MBR antidote or 1 Nitro

You've earned 2 XP in Reflexes

Ignore them

You hedge your way around the camp, just beyond range of the guns' sensors.

Note: this encounter does not seem to count as a walk away, and does take an Energy each time.

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