Ranged Defense


Ranged defense protects against damage from Ranged techniques. For specific details on how damage is reduced see the combat page. Defense (unlike evasion) cannot reduce damage below 1-2 points.

In addition to the following, any To Your Highest Defense bonuses when Ranged Defense is your highest, and Reactive defense can also reduce Ranged damage if you are dealt more than 5 damage at once.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Ranged Defense Modifiers

+2 stained glass helm (with Eclipse), twitch visor, Vigilante's mask
+1 heavy containment helmet, official Midgard Security cap
Offhand Items
+4 ballistic shield, orb of ice, shattered sidearm (with Eclipse and a dream effect)
+3 Midgard blastshield, Survivors origami coin (with Eclipse)
+2 anniversary pocket mirror (with Ranged Defense Weapon) (hypothetically), crocodile shield, gel shield, heavy riot shield, mechanical shovel, Midgard riot shield, shattered sidearm (with Eclipse), sheet of white plastic, shock shield
+1 foam brick wall, motivational tombstone, silvered shield
+4 bulletproof vest, elite tactical vest, prototype coat with Whirling Coat, royal vestments (with Eclipse)
+3 armored jacket, ballistic gang jacket, blackened vest, charmed shirt (with Eclipse), coat of defensive circuitry, coat of masterful circuitry, custom flak jacket, dual armored vest, Midgard heavy vest, shining vest, silk vest
+2 black stone vest, church suit coat, coat of mysterious circuitry, coat of strange circuitry, executive jacket, heavy containment top, crocodile hide jacket, fused breastplate, light armored vest, monitoring vest, optical vest, outlaw coat, thick vest, Third Eye vest, traditional armored vest, unsealed top
+1 biofeedback vest, containment suit top, infested containment top, prototype vest
-1 dot shirt
+5 elegantly torn pants* with Ballistic Patching
+3 achromatic slacks, armored pants
+2 black stone pants, crocodile pants, elegantly torn pants* with Steel Patching, interlocked scales, Midgard heavy pants, survivors' origami pants
+1 fused plates, reinforced pants
+2 lens focused on the stars, Midgard Player with Hidden Harmony or Ocean Harmony
+1 numbing IV
Cyberware (Bodyware)
+3 corroded dermal plates
+2 cybernetic tattoo, tiger skin
Cyberware (Cyberarms)
+2 ballistic cybergun
-2 basic cyberblade, sealed cyberblade, unsealed cyberblade
Cyberwear (Cyberlegs)
-3 hooked cyberlegs
* +1 for each Bone effect beyond the first: (Bone Eye, Bone Spikes, Bone Scales, Calcified Organs)
+4 Boon of Commerce, Bullet Complacency
+3 Behind Cover, Coagulation, Pumping Adrenaline
+2 Bone Scales, Crystal Armor, Defensive Boon, Eyes of the Inspired, Fearsome Sight, Incredible Numbness, Released Moth, Whirling Snow
+1 Fused Armor*
-4 Channeling Matsuo, Tactically Tracked

* See item for additional bonuses or restrictions

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