Ranged Power


Ranged power increases the effectiveness of ranged techniques up to a point (see combat for details).

Note also that Morale is a bonus applied to your current highest power.

See also Power to Techniques Using Perception, which boosts most ranged techniques.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Ranged Power Modifiers

+2 blindshot visor, gold framed spectacles, national crown, raider mask, tactical goggles
+1 elite Halloween mask, hunter costume hat, improved visor
-4 black strands
+SP/3 Zalian defense system, Zalian defense tool, Zalian multiweapon
+3 & +ED/3 holosight riflea
+10 achromatic rifle, modern assault rifle, magnetic sidearm, quivering needler, quivering rifle, retrofitted needler
+9 autolock sidearm, bone automatic (with Eclipse), Eurasian handcannon, improbable gun, retro assault rifle, spider leg rifle
+8 autotargeting sidearm, bloodied rifle, bloodthirsty sidearm, close combat needler, focused needler, Midgard MG2, Midgard MK8, personal sniper rifle, repaired Vigilante pistol, retooled rifle, trick sidearm, survivors' origami pistol (with Eclipse), wired sidearm, Zaibatsu mister
+7 antique needler, bone pistol (with Eclipse), folding pistol, KZR needler, Midgard Mk11a, mirror-handled pistol, modernized rifle, national automatic, needler rifle, optical needler, optical sidearm, the Intimidator, tinker's pistol, waterlogged handcannon
+6 ancient rifle, assisted pistol, black bayonet rifle, chip junkie sidearm, classic handgun, entertainment sidearm, Family pistol, fused pistol, handmade rifle, memory sidearm, Midgard Mk9, reforged pistol, sniper rifle, steady sidearm, toothy pistol, treasured musket, uplinked sidearm, vicious holdout
+5 antique dueling pistol, Barsukov sidearm, executive sidearm, chitinous rifle, ghoulish pistol (with Eclipse), living pistol, hunter sidearm, luxury holdout, Midgard safety needler, restored pistol, roomsweeper, Stone's Pistol, tiny holdout
+4 army drone model, blood rose pistol, heavy pistol, memorial rifle, speargun, suspicious rifle, writhing gun
+3 close combat shotgun, filthy pistol, gutter pistol, handmade pistol, killer pistol, posturing pistol, smoldering gun
+2 cheap pistol, slick holdout
+1 zipgun
-2 Midgard heavy gauntlets
-4 antique control gloves
Offhand Items
+ED/3 solid gunman holograma
+4 ruby apple
+2 anniversary pocket mirror (with +ranged power weapon), collector horse sculpture, pulsating eye
+1 clay horse
+2 bloodied coat
+1 elegantly torn pants (with Bloodied Patch and a power-activating reinforcement2)
+5 mysterious puzzle pyramid (with Secrets of the Cube)
+4 Midgard player (with Focused Harmony1), Midgard player (with Sniper Seed1)
+3 orbital watch (with Eclipse), retromodern scope
+2 advanced rangefinder, antique scope, lens focused on the distance, mysterious puzzle pyramid, optical bracelet, optical rangefinder, Midgard player (with Sniper Harmony1), targeting bracelet, targeting scope, Teso game console with Arachnid Adventure
+1 arrayed scope, basic scope, quick draw holster, rangefinder, rangefinder bracelet
-1 cute eyepatch
Programs - requires a computer as gadget (& processor,memory cost)
YS integrated targeting (1,2)
SL targeting algorithm (1,2)
Cyberware (Cyberarms)
+5 ballistic cybergun
+4 exposed cybergun, integrated cybergun
+3 decorative cybergun, targeting cyberarms
-3 tiger paw
Cyberware (Cybereyes)
+2 blackened eyes, fixed eyes, Inteternal eyes, targeting cybereye
+1 tracer eye
-2 cat eyes
Cyberware (Neuralware)
+2 tactical neural mesh (w/tactical goggles)
-3 shaky wires
+20% Guiding Wind
+4 Dead Man's Hand, Raider Targeting
+3 Drunken Marksman, Well Oiled Machine
+2 Artistic Distance, Creating Distance, Eyes of the Inspired with Eclipse, Flickering Game, Gaze Beyond, Shotgun Saint, Smiling Shooter, Steady Hand, Unrealistic Gunplay, Weapon Adjustments (w/Ranged weapon)
+1 Practiced Shot
-3 the Jitters
-4 Channeling Matsuo, Roiling Dust
-5 Crushed Hand, Degenerate Mists, Ink Covered, Watery Grave
+2 Gunslinger

Italicized effects are removed at end of combat.
1 Only one music effect can be active at a time.
2Ballistic Patching, Hardened Patching, Reactive Patching, Spiked Patching, or Steel Patching
Ranged Openers use the higher of Ranged Power and Stealth Power
a These items give 1/3rd of Etheric Defense to Ranged Power individually, or Ranged Power equal to Etheric Defense with both equipped.

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