Raven Feather (fight)

Encounter Conditions

See feathered cloak for details


The feather in your hand crackles with electricity and lets off the all-too-familiar smell of burning flesh. When the world is subsumed with smoke, you're certainly right to be concerned.

Once the smoke clears into a dimly lit cavern, it's hard not to wish for the smoke back. The eyes staring down at you certainly aren't natural, but you can feel their hunger burrowing into you.


(Fight twisted raven)

If you win:

The cave collapses inward, matching the raven's death spasms. As chunks of stone fall, they reveal the world you've grown strangely accustomed to.

Gain raven's eyes if you have a Myers sampling kit equipped

If you lose:

The black mists return, obscuring the cave and saving you from the raven's predation. When they finally clear, you find yourself back in the world you've grown strangely accustomed to.

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