Really Impatient Arms Dealer



Encounter Conditions

Only if you have agreed to fetch his shipment from the Tainted Shoreline as part of Lo's Investigation, opened the deteriorating shipment, told the Impatient Arms Dealer about it, but then not handed over the gun.

Initial Text

The arms dealer taps his fingers on the table impatiently as you pass nearby. "Well? Do you have the gun?"

Summary of Choices

  1. Sure do - Lose waterlogged handcannon, progress in Lo's Investigation
  2. Just a little longer - Walk Away

Choice Text and Results

Sure do

The arms dealer sighs and folds his hands in front of his face. "Fine… fine. Opened, waterlogged shipment… oof. This day just keeps getting better, yes?"

He takes the waterlogged gun. "Well, alright, here's the information. The shipment you want was smuggled into the city in two pieces. One was legal, the other… not so much."

He chuckles to himself and sips at his vodka tonic. "The legal part is called… reaction chamber. Needed to keep the whole thing from exploding."

"The other half is the emitter. It's not legal… the stuff it's made from isn't legal… even in Eurasia. Anyway, it's shipped in little lead box, yes? Smuggler saw too much Midgard, got spooked and got herself caught. Meanwhile, other smuggler with other half gets spooked from her getting caught, tries to dump the cargo and gets caught."

"He got released, I think, but she's dead. As far as I know, they took both pieces to a Midgard warehouse by the Docks."

(Lose waterlogged handcannon)

Just a little longer

He shakes his head. "Of course, of course. No need to think of my schedule."

(See Walk Away)

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