Record Storage


Image Data-Vault.jpg
Type File System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
1 Offense
1 C+ 1 O
You start/continue downloading some/the files. Your attack cuts through the vault's walls and it explodes with a blinding flash, taking its data along with it. It's probably safe to assume they have a backup somewhere, but these people obviously take their secrecy seriously. ?
Command You start downloading some files. You test some commands, but there's not much to do other than copy data. About the closest you get to something useful is temporarily compressing things, but the temp files are purged before you can download anything. ?
View (or V+C*) First Part
If you are on Dr. A's quest and haven't gotten the SP history:
This is definitely the place… the files Dr. Amundsen is looking for much be in here somewhere, amid the unbelievable drifts of files.

Otherwise, if first time downloading this file:
You start downloading some files.

Otherwise, further times downloading:
You continue downloading the files.

Second Part
You download what you can, but there's a massive amount of data here.

Or, if you used some command as well:
You compress some files and download as many as you can.

Third Part
If IncognitoView used:
You handle the files delicately.

Otherwise, if the external connection is active:
A massive pulse of data races out from the system as you pull down the data.

Otherwise, nothing.

Fourth Part
Your download hits X%.

Fifth Part
If X is over 100%, and you are on Dr. A's quest:
You found: Special Projects history

Of X is over 100%, and you are on not Dr. A's quest (or already got the SP history):
Nothing seems immediately interesting among the old security footage, real estate records, and accounting data, but the feat of pulling it from their jaws is worth it in its own right.

Gain 7 XP in Perception and/or Will
V (+11+V if massive pulse?) (+some for command maybe?) Each point of View increases X by 14-15% (1/7th of the way to 100%) if you used just View (doubled if you used any Command), and it resets to 0% if you get over 100%.
You start downloading some files. The records don't seem to take any interest in your batch. 0


Vault Records

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