Records Office Flags


Note: exploration is tracked over your lifetime(?).

This flag tracks your progress finding the vault.
Maze of Cubicles noncombat: +1 office exploration
Evacuation Map noncombat: +1 office exploration

  • At < X exploration: Maze of Cubicles is unlocked, others locked.
  • At X exploration: Evacuation Map is unlocked, others locked.
  • At > X exploration: The Vault is unlocked, others locked. (verify this: still getting Maze of Cubicles some time later)


The panic level of the Midgard Records Office (Oldtown) is a hidden counter (flag) which resets daily. Doing activities such as killing guards or workers increases the panic levels, and they send in bigger groups of guards.

Note: panic is reset daily.

Gaining panic

Lobby entrance:

Records office:

*Note: no rise in panic for fighting the Pile of Secrets via the Abandoned Cube Farm.


Lobby entrance:

Records office:

Desk Exploration

There is a counter for how many times you have looked in the desk drawers in the Abandoned Cube Farm.

Note: desk exploration is reset daily.

Gaining exploration



The Records Office Evacuation noncombat is unlocked at 10 panic, but the evacuation flag is not set until you find that noncombat.

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