Recursive Integrator


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Description If you understand this piece of software right, and it's definitely an if, it should try to bring hubs from other networks… into your network. So, if you let it go, it should spiral out from your network and grab as many others as it can.

Unlike the bird in the proverb, you're pretty sure it's not coming back once you let it go. In fact, it may just explode… hopefully that would be a purely metaphorical explosion.
Use You let the code go spiraling off into the Net, where it forcibly integrates itself into the Golden Chip's subversion networks… hopefully they appreciate your ingenuity.

You follow links to <site> and <site>.
Type Data


Twist a Network Integrator onto another and see what happens
Requires Advanced Interpreter
Network Integrator Network Integrator
= Recursive Integrator


Take a Deep File Scan to the next level with a Recursive Integrator
Requires Advanced Interpreter
Deep File Scan Recursive Integrator
= Integrated File Scan
Adjust a Network Interpreter to understand a Recursive Integrator
Requires Advanced Interpreter
Network Interpreter Recursive Integrator
= Signal Triangulator
What's more recursive than integrating a Recursive Integrator with another Recursive Integrator?
Requires Advanced Interpreter
Recursive Integrator Recursive Integrator
= Unstable Integrator
computerchip.jpg Can be decompiled, results unknown
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to a gang stash.
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