Red Lensed Goggles


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Description These goggles are fitted with lenses made out of a strange red metal. From the outside, the lenses reflect a blood-tinted copy of yourself staring back. From inside, you can see through them easily enough, but they stain the world red.
Type Hat
Effects +2 Fire Power
+2 Etheric Power
+4 Perception
(hidden: Bonus XP each combat, when at least 4 "sciencey" techniques are chained together.)


Zack's House of Coins, originally released on September 14, 2009 (2 unearthly coins)


Gives 1 energy of Red Lenses per Science Technique used in the last round of combat. Sciencey techniques are all those only obtainable through crafting. It does not seem to matter whether the attack is blocked (either by a defensive technique or by natural immunity) - good scientists take results as they come, after all! Presumably if your technique is blocked by stunning, it won't wouldn't count.

You get the following message, depending on the number of science techniques you used on the last round of combat in fight:
Energy Gained Message
1 You survey the scene through your goggles. That was an interesting experiment, but it needed a little something.
2 You survey the results through your goggles. That was an interesting experiment. You feel quietly inspired.
3 You survey your victory, tinted fiery red by the goggles' lenses. That was certainly an interesting experiment. It's hard to avoid laughing in delight at the results.
4 You survey the aftermath, tinted blood red by the goggles' lenses. That was a fine experiment indeed! You throw back your head and laugh with glee.
5 You survey the devastation, examining every tiny detail through the red lenses. That was a wonderful experiment! By the time you snap back to yourself, you realize you've been laughing with maniacal joy for several minutes.

If you use 3 (or more) science techniques and are Etheric while wearing the goggles, you get:

You survey the aftermath, tinted blood red by the goggles' lenses. That was a fine experiment indeed! You throw back your head and laugh with glee.

You learned a new Technique: Red Metal Gaze

Bonus XP

If you chain together at least 4 science techniques in a single round, you gain extra XP as shown below. The amount of extra XP gained depends on the amount of XP you would normally gain (including Bonus XP).

Expected XP Extra XP
0 XP No Bonus
1-5 XP +1 XP
6-10 XP +2 XP
11-15 XP +3 XP
16-20 XP +4 XP
21 XP +5 XP


Crafting under the effect of Red Lenses can occasionally give extras after crafting:
Craft Result
Armory Gain a flickering spark
-> Crafts into Fused Polysteel, which gives: Fused Blade, Fused Breastplate, Fused Pistol and Fused Plates items, which give Considered Strike, Considered Shot and Fused Armor.
-> Also crafts into: Brilliant Spark and Tamed Fire which can give Obvious Presence
Chemistry Learn Chemical Mixture technique
Coding Gain 10 energy of Fractal Understanding
-> Lets you harvest Fractal Code, which can craft into Chaotic Firewall, Chaotic Tester, Fractal Tester, Fractal Cheat, Sloppy Decompiler, Fractal Loop and Unsettling Loop, as well as the Novos programs fractal interface, fractal templates, fractal crash script, fractal defender, fractal commander, fractal indexer
Electronics Gain the Jacob's Ladder technique
Sushi Gain a metallic oil
-> Lets you learn Dance of Silver, gain Silver Flow or fish up silver darters which can be sushi crafted
-> Lets you fight a Kraken, which can drop kraken's pearl, massive tentacle (which can be sushi crafted), and kraken ink (which crafts into kraken's heart, inky sapphire, inky eclipse, argent heart, gilt heart, industrial heart, squirming heart, weeping heart)

Technique Summary

Chain Technique Type Attribute Base Dam/Def Notes
jacobsladder.jpg Jacob's Ladder Stealth Perception 4 Stuns if your target's next attack is the same type as the one they're using now
consideredstrike.jpg Considered Strike Melee Strength 4 +4 Base Damage following an Evade or Stealth Technique
silverdance.jpg Dance of Silver Evasion Reflexes 8 enhanced underwater and/or with Silver Flow
flamingmixture.jpg Chemical Mixture Fire Perception 6 Deals additional damage at end of round
consideredshot.jpg Considered Shot Ranged Perception 4 +4 Base Damage when your Perception is greater than your target's Reflexes
redmetalgaze.jpg Red Metal Gaze Etheric Will 6 enhanced following science techniques with the goggles equipped


Wearing this item can grant you a special mad scientist avatar:

Red-Goggles-M.jpg Red-Goggles-F.jpg

The precise unlock conditions are unknown, but seem to involve crafting with the Red Lenses effect active while Etheric to get one of the special laughter messages, then wearing the goggles while defeating an opponent with a chain of 5 consecutive science techniques.

Other Uses

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to a gang stash.

Remaining Mysteries

According to Podcast 54, there is no unfound content related to this item, although at some point Kinak might add something related to Cooking.

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