Red Toadstool


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Description This thing looks really, really poisonous. On the other hand, who's to judge, really?
Type Drug
Requires 1 Body
Use You contemplatively eat the toadstool. It's faintly earthy tasting, with a hint of acidity. It also sends you through an emotional rollercoaster over the course of a few seconds, ending with a mellow trance.
Multi You throw back the toadstools, apparently not caring for your own safety. Thankfully they're not half bad tasting.

On the other hand, your world shatters into emotional fragments and you're forced to rebuild it thought by thought.
Effects Gives 10 energy of Altered State


From using a Filthy Old Sack
From using a Spore Cloud technique in combat
Drops from the Mushroom Scout
Dockside Sewers encounters: Mushroom Man, Mushroom Grove, Mushroom Picking
Mushroom Cavern encounters: Cavern Grove, Mushroom Servant
Sewer Hideout encounters: Mushroom Guide

Black spores in agar powder instantly sprout into mushrooms
Creates 3-5 mushrooms
Black Spores Agar Powder
= Large mushroom, Edible Mushroom, Red Toadstool, Warty Toadstool, Delicious Puffball, Giant Puffball, Shaman Staff, Destroying Angel
Fertilize some Black Spores with Bat Guano
Black Spores Bat Guano
= 2-4 of edible mushroom, giant puffball, warty toadstool, large mushroom, red toadstool, destroying angel, delicious puffball, shaman staff


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .04 Drugs
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