Refined Petrol


Image ErlenmeyerFlask25.jpg
Description From what you understand, they used to use something like this to power cars early in the century. Now, your best bet is probably throwing it on someone and lighting them on fire.

It probably won't stick well enough to do real damage, but has got to be distracting.
Type Usable
Use You set aside your refined petrol for whenever you need to set someone on fire next.
Multi You pool your refined petrol into a larger container for the next time you need to set something on fire.
Effects Grants Petrol Splash technique


Distill two units of petrol sludge down into a vial of refined petrol
Petrol Sludge Petrol Sludge
= Refined Petrol
Boil down some petrol sludge and a putrid mass
Petrol Sludge Putrid Mass
= Refined Petrol
Dissolve a lump of coal down with powerful acid to get this flammable mix.
lump of coal powerful acid
= refined petrol


Service a Rusted Gun with some Refined Petrol
Rusted Gun Refined Petrol
= Improbable Gun
Rig some Refined Petrol up into a simple Molotov cocktail
Quest Recipe: Learn recipe from Anarchist Cookbook
ChemKit25.jpg Refined Petrol
= Molotov Cocktail
Soak a Water Sapphire in some Refined Petrol
Refined Petrol Water Sapphire
= Petrol Gem
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .12 Goods
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