Reflexes is one of the four attributes in Metroplexity.

Reflexes represents physical speed, reaction time, and evasive talent.

Reflexes improves certain Techniques, including many Evasion and Stealth Techniques. It also allows you to escape from combat more easily, sometimes not even costing Energy.

Associated with spring and friends of Dr. Amundsen.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Reflexes Modifiers

+5 blood rose crown
+4 abstract domino mask w/Hide Your Decisions
+3 wrapped museum mask
+10 writhing spear
+8 hooked spear
+7 mirror-handled pistol (with Spring AROTPBY), postapocalyptic spear (with Spring AROTPBY)
+6 dancing blade, handcrafted blade, shining blade
+5 haunted bat, quivering rifle, quivering switchblade, quivering sword
+4 cavalry saber, fungus spear, hungry ooze lash, thin shiv, trick sidearm
+3 refurbished baseball bat
+2 handmade rifle, hardened switchblade
-2 heavy baton
-3 filthy baseball bat, Southside beatstick, the Intimidator
-4 decorative spear, icicle fang, massive hunting knife
-5 magnetic sidearm, manhole cover
-6 digging claw, salvaged pipe
-7 arachnid blade, unending chain
-10 dorm support, shark tooth blade (while not underwater)
Offhand Items
=25 coin of the seasons, equinox coin, spring coin
=ED solid mummy hologram
+ED solid Rag Man hologram
+X survivors' origami crane (X = other origami disguise parts equipped)
+6 anniversary pocket mirror (with no weapon equipped)
+4 any dream offhand item (with Butterfly Dream and Eclipse), empty vase, glowing fairy sculpture, nostalgic jacks, twitching bat wing
+3 crystal owl feather, unearthly coin
+2 clay fairy, crocodile shield w/Fae Sight
-2 ballistic shield, expanded handheld, heavy riot shield, linked handheld, manhole cover shield, Midgard riot shield, twisted polysteel heart
-3 silvered shield
-4 gel shield, Halloween brick wall, shaky manhole shield, shock shield
-6 sheet of white plastic, tome of flowers
-8 foam brick wall, skull pile
+7 mirror gang jacket (with Spring AROTPBY)
+4 crocodile hide jacket w/Fae Sight, elite tactical vest, ephemeral shawl
+3 mirror heart vest (with Spring AROTPBY), Rag Man's cape
+2 all weather coat, black dress shirt, classy dress, dueling jacket, remains of a coat
+1 bouncer suit jacket, clubbing shirt
-2 heavy containment top, lead vest, thick vest
-5 painted dress
+5 blood rose pants
+4 silk pants, ReflexCoil pants
+3 elegantly torn pants* w/Peace Patch
+2 crocodile pants w/Fae Sight, elegantly torn pants, scrubs bottoms
+1 bouncer pants
0 elegantly torn pants* w/Ballistic Patching or Hardened Patching
-2 heavy containment pants, mimetic pants, tailored pants, work pants
= W dancing hut figure w/Dancing Hut (if Will > Reflexes)
+4 Midgard Player w/Hurried Seed1, resonating crystal spine, resonating spinal blade
+3 animatronic raven, disgusting slug
+2 crystal spine, crystal spine blade, Teso game console (with Eternal Rhythm)
+1 reflexive jumpjet
-2 kid's flippers
Cyberware (Cyberarms)
+3 wired cyberarms
+2 Omnibody arms
-2 The Claw
-3 steel cyberblade
-6 digging arm
Cyberware (Cyberlegs)
+6 wired cyberlegs
+4 Inteternal cyberlegs
+3 basic cyberlegs, hooked cyberlegs, integrated jumpjet, powerful cyberlegs, rhythmic cyberlegs
+2 Omnibody legs
-2 bone plated cyberlegs
Cyberware (Organware)
-3 tubegrown organ
Cyberware (Neuralware)
+6 inhibited wires, shaky wires
-2 selective mesh
-4 neural mesh, twitch mesh
-8 bridging mesh
+20% Fearsome Whispers, Music of the Cube
+10 One With Lightning
+7 Eating Reflections (with Spring AROTPBY)
+6 Drunken Marksman
+5 Child's Perspective, Lightning in your Veins
+4 Butterfly Dream, Channeling Matsuo, Crystal Grace, Idiotic Deaths, Stimulated Reflexes
+3 Pep In Your Step
+2 Dance Music1, Fae Sight, Flaming Encouragement, Minty Buzz, Released Fly, Unleashed ReflexCoil
+1 Fae Blessing, Idol Metal1, Practiced Shot, Sugar Rush
-2 Bone Scales, Cast, Mouth of Fire, Scalded
-3 Blood Loss, Blood Toxin, Mild Neurotoxin, Venomous Sting
-4 Chitin Hands, Cracked Ankle, Dead Man's Hand, In a Pit, Numbing Neurotoxin, Shaking Legs
-5 Cornered
-6 Chest Wound, Neural Realignment, Spider Venom, Thick Webbing
-8 Constrained, Overindulged, Watery Grave
-10 Crushed Perceptions, Dying Artist, Frigid Bones, Webbed, Web of Light, Within the Worm
-25% Centipede Bite, Numbing Chill2
-50% Serpent Venom, Blinding Chill2
-75% Unforgiving Chill2
+4 Fae Step

* See item page for additional bonuses or restrictions
1 Mutually exclusive effects
2 Mutually exclusive effects

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