Reforged Pistol


Image pistol.jpg
Description In the early days of plastic weapons, a lot of mistakes were made, treating them like their metal counterparts. One way to fix this is to develop new techniques for dealing with plastic, as all the major manufacturers did.

This pistol is an example of the opposite influence. Instead of caving on cost, it goes back to the old designs and old materials. It packs a punch and, as an added bonus, it's hard enough to crack someone with if they get too close.
Type Weapon
Requires 6 Base Perception
Hidden Flags Pistol Weapon
Effects +6 Ranged Power
+3 Melee Power


Overhaul a Restored Pistol with a Steel Ingot
Restored Pistol Steel Ingot
= Reforged Pistol


Hybridize an old Reforge Pistol with a new Targeting Circuit
Reforged Pistol Targeting Circuit
= Tinker's Pistol
toolbox.jpg Pistol Fittings, Steel Ingot
GoldCoins.jpg .14 Arms
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