Relay Code


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Description When installed in a system this code should allow that system to join a sort of pirate communications network, based on the same technology as normal comms but without corporate oversight. Whether that's more of a boon to criminals or freedom fighters is probably for the criminals and freedom fighters to sort out.

It seems that each copy of the code has a unique identifier, although whether that's a technical necessity or part of the Golden Chip's ironic anti-piracy measures is anyone's guess.
Type Data
Use Without any Relay Effects active:
You start a search with the Golden Chip's relay code. From the attached documents the security vulnerability they're trying to exploit will only appear when a site crashes hard.

If the relays completely lose track of it, you should get some good data from their flailing. It will definitely take a few tries before you get anything useful, however.

You fiddle with some more relay code, trying to give yourself a little more time to work on the search.
Multi Same as single use.
Effects Gain 20 duration of Relay Search (or extend duration of any current relay effect you have by 20)


The Golden Chip (1 ticket), once you've used a front row ticket


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any sort of crafting.
computerchip.jpg networking code, math subroutine
GoldCoins.jpg This item can be discarded via the gang stash.

History/Oldos stuff

On sites you have full access to, you have the option to "Apply relay code".

If the site was already part of somebody else's network:

You apply the relay code, hijacking the site from <player name>'s network and adding it to your own.

And after Virus Event 2011,

The site sends out one last pulse of data. You follow it to <some website>.


You follow the collapsing links around the site to <one or more sites from that player's network>.
(# of websites depends on network size of player you seized the site from)

And if the website provided is already part of your network:

Huh, that site looks strangely familiar.
or if you got multiple familiar sites in that batch
Huh, some of those sites look strangely familiar.
or if you get multiple sites and ALL of them are ones you already have links too
Huh, those sites look strangely familiar.


You apply the relay code, adding the site to your personal communications net. It almost feels like being rich.

You gained <site level> XP in Perception and/or Will

Or while wearing a Biofeedback Vest:
You gained <site level> XP in Strength, Reflexes, Perception and/or Will

This increases your signal on The Golden Chip Leaderboards by the site's depth.

Or, if you've never used a front row ticket:

Error -016: No Network Found. Cannot Join.

If someone uses relay code on one of your sites, you will receive a message:

From: Automated (System)
Subject: Network Subversion
<Opponent> subverted <website name>, cutting it off from our network.

And if you have a hub:

From: Automated (System)
Subject: Network Subversion
<Opponent> subverted <website name, but <your hub> saved some of the connection data.
Go to <website name>.

And if they take your last hub:

From: Automated (System)
Subject: Network Subversion
<Opponent> subverted the hub <website>, cutting it off from our network.

These all appear in a separate "Subversion" inbox.

History/Novos stuff

For a brief time in 2016, using this item gave:

You fiddle some with the relay code until it finally executes. A new contact pops up on your comm.

You've gained a new contact: Roi

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