Releasing The Hostages


This is one of two possible ways to complete the University Quest. You must have Dr. Thomas as a contact (only available during the Docks Quest).


There are two ways to complete this quest:

  • Join the Third Eye.
  • Talk to Hawk about releasing your friends - he says he can't do it with a secure supply of Eclipse.
  • Tell Dr. Thomas that the Third Eye is looking for Eclipse. She'll tell you to pass around some Eclipse to have a good portion of the market.
  • Pass out crates of Eclipse to at least 6(?) people. See the full list of targets at Dr. Thomas Quest. Carlos appears to count double?
  • Talk to Dr. Thomas again and she'll tell you to deal with the guy who's tailing you (The Hammer).
  • Adventure in the VIP Room (or possibly elsewhere?) until you meet The Hammer. Get him to stop tracking you:
    • You can fight him repeatedly until you permanently disable him.
    • You can let him beat you up a couple times, and then talk to him. Tell him to "Let you go" and then "You already gave up".
    • You can throw him off twice with a signal analysis circuit in inventory and you'll destroy your tracker beacon.
    • You can convince him to stop tracking you by finding and wearing the Vigilante's mask (by far the most complicated way)
  • Talk to Dr. Thomas and Hawk again and he'll release your friends.

Alternatively, you can free David and free Dr. Amundsen directly.


Gain Dr. Amundsen as a contact.

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