Removed On Equipment Change Effects

Some effects are automatically removed when you change equipment. Some of these restore the effect if you re-equip the equipment (indicated by *), others do not.


Effect Removed By changing equipment
Crawling Adapter Offhand
Dancing Hut* Gadgets
Decision Maker Shirts
Fused Armor Shirts/Pants
Nest Keeper Offhand
Ooze Symbiosis Pants
Shield Of Scales Offhand
Soul in the Sword Weapons
Swaying Blood Pants
Thawing Blade* Weapons
Vine Shirt Shirts
Weapon Adjustments Weapons
All prototype coat effects. Shirts
All unearthly coin (cool, warm, etc.) effects Offhand
All Midgard Player effects* Gadgets

See also: Removed At End of Combat Effects, Removed On Location Change Effects

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