Requires Base Attribute

Some equipment require a minimum Perception, Reflexes, Strength or Will to equip or use. This is the "base" value of your attribute (before any other modifiers from equipment or effects). In the left character pane a description of "Perception: 6 (9)" indicates you have 6 base Perception and +3 more from other bonuses.

All custom weapons require a minimum of 16 Will to purchase and use.

Note that you can sometimes temporarily lock yourself of using an item by "upgrading" it through crafting — eg. you can eat partially digested fish at 0 Will, but need 6 Will to eat the crafted acidic sushi from it. Be careful not to craft it into something you can use.

Perception Reflexes Strength Will
8 black strands, examination glasses, rebreather mask Midgard heavy helmet buried crown, festival mask, ghoulish crown, guard helm, inhuman mask
6 navigator's glasses, passthrough visor twitch visor black silver visor, gold framed spectacles, party mask, regal crown, shining mask, silk top hat, steel mask
16 folding pistol giant gnarled branch black gemstone, bloodied rifle, carved crystal orb, charred head, close combat needler, fire etched sword, personal sniper rifle, spring knuckles, Valentine's knife, Zaibatsu mister
12 binding chain, Midgard heavy gauntlets, Midgard MG2, stretched chain massive stone talon
10 shark tooth blade, twisting silver blade fused clay, worm mandible
8 antique needler, mushroom spade, quivering needler, quivering rifle, retrofitted needler, tinker's pistol bone edged chain, crystal hound's tooth, dancing blade, glinting spider limb, hunting spear, kingly blade, massive beak, oily spear, paper mache horn, pitted chain, polar cable, quivering switchblade, quivering sword, shark hide baton, speargun, twisted spider limb, unending chain, vicious chain, writhing spear ceremonial sledge, haunted bat, leaded baton, leaden knuckles, palace spear, personal nailbat, reinforced chain, salvaged pipe, waterlogged handcannon black silver chain, bone automatic, bone pistol, chitinous rifle, ghoulish pistol, improbable gun, rusted gun, scraped bone, shivering cable, staring eyeball, stone horn, writhing cable
6 assisted pistol, black bayonet rifle, focused needler, memory sidearm, modern assault rifle, reforged pistol, retro assault rifle black switchblade, black silver blade, classic switchblade, handcrafted blade, hardened blade, navigator's penknife, shining blade, thin shiv, trick sidearm, vicious holdout Cyberbowl ball, heavy fishing pole, reflective baton, retooled rifle, shining knuckles, steel clad bat gold knuckles, living pistol, ostentatious blade, toothy pistol, writhing gun
12 crocodile shield, mechanical shovel
10 flickering candle crystallized music, resonant emerald crystal
9 vicious poetry
8 iron cauldron black crystal orb, bloodied tray, bleeding wolf tooth, charged golem heart, charged sludge heart, charred blob, crystallized octopus eye, festival doll, fiery blob, hungry doll, hunter's heart, kraken's pearl, massive pearl, mislit hand, numbing skull, porous crystal, putrid blob, rolling eyeball, scorched gem, sea sapphire, smoking blob, staring octopus eye, stone heart, toxic octopus eye, twitching bat wing
6 church candle argent heart, beating sludge heart, black glass heart, bloody hand, crystal hand, gilt heart, gold pearl, hand of glory, hidden heart, industrial heart, inky sapphire, kraken's heart, pulsating eye, shadowy heart, shriveled hand, spider nest, squirming heart, twisted polysteel heart, weeping heart
4 catering tray
8 gang scuba, wetsuit top crocodile hide jacket, Midgard heavy vest, shark hide jacket, shark hide vest bloodied dress, grave vestments, remains of a coat, slinky dress
6 mimetic gang jacket, mimetic vest blackened vest, hardened gang jacket, scaled vest, shining vest gilt gang jacket, unsealed top
8 interlocked scales, wetsuit pants crocodile pants, Midgard heavy pants, shark hide pants
6 mimetic pants unsealed pants
8 corporate Y5, mad surgeon's kit, mock Y5, unused Y4 aquatic jumpjet refitted Y4 black rose, black rose bloom, black rose bud, jade amulet, scorched watch
6 blazing PDA, buffered learntop, buffered PDA, expanded gold learntop, gold dual learntop, gold learntop, gold TZR, handcrafted PDA, highmem TZR, rebuilt learntop, retro PDA caffeine IV, Slags IV blown glass trinket, disgusting slug, twitch learntop, twitch PDA
Stored Data
8 protein receiver
16 writhing cell sample
8 clam cut, clam meat, clam sushi, giant clam roll, heavy puffball, raw heart crawling slime mold, cut of tentacle, earthy candybar, fleshy coins, fragile puffball, grave mushrooms, industrial jawbreaker, kraken roll, mass of squid eyes, meaty haunch, melting candy cane, Mirror Roll, mislit nigiri, mislit sashimi, shark fillet, shark roll, shark sashimi, shark sushi, squid nest roll, tentacle sushi, twin mushrooms
6 acidic sushi, acrid sashimi, black spider roll, bluegill maki, crying roll, darter sashimi, darter sushi, death's head roll, dock roll, eel maki, eye roll, friendly roll, frosty roll, gilt chocolate coins, gilt truffle, mollusk roll, oily roll, perch roll, perch sashimi, perch sushi, rinsed squid eyes, silver roll, skullfish nigiri, skullfish sashimi, slags roll, staring maki, tiny squid eyes, unagi, unagi sushi
8 crystal syringe, serpent venom gland, toxic eyeball Arzac, bitter toadstool, black liquor, black pearl sludge, cold syringe, cracked spores, dissolved pearl, Eclipse residue, flower distillate, ghoul elixir, infused petals, mottled crystals, office thermos, purple tea, shaman's oil, smoking Eclipse, sparkling Eclipse, sparkling ink, sparkling petals, sparkling spores, , tiny brown toadstool, tiny green toadstool, tiny red toadstool
6 pearl liquor, toxic squid eyes
5 tiny blue toadstool (typo?)
8 Lattes! latte machine shorted TV
6 stolen coffee pot
8 flower ointment, rose balm ashen balm, oily balm, toxic bandage
6 tendril drops, tendril ointment, slimy bandage
Neural Recordings
9 Benny Smith memory, climber's memory, compromising memory core, crane memory, family dinner memory, front row memory, island raid memory
8 chloroauric acid mauled fishing hook, serpent's strand layered aquatic fabric burning ectoplasm, ghoul cell culture, mold culture, monstrous pinata, shivering cell culture, spider cell culture, tendril culture, warring samples
6 rotting journal gritty ointment, powdered glass


The heavy containment helmet used to require 6 Base Strength.

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