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Type File

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
2-4 Offense You batter the file system, deleting swathes of files. ? No effect?
1 Command You order the file system to display a list of files, but the system files alone mean there's too much to go through without a search of some kind. ?
2 View You find some pretty basic but useful looking code. Looks like it's intended more for reference than direct inclusion in the game. ? You found 1 of: command script, networking functions, search script
3 View + 6 Command You pull down a bunch of useful looking code. None of it's very complicated, but hopefully you made up for that with quantity.

At least the software updates look fresh.
You found 2 of: command script, networking functions, search script
You found 1 of: Novos functionality updates, Novos system updates
Defense/Other The file system seems content to leave you alone. 0


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