Resting converts Energy into Hit Points. You can click the "Rest" link from the top bar to rest anywhere.


You heal different base amounts of HP resting depending on the area you're in and receive different messages describing the experience. Each point of First Aid increases the amount of Hit Points you receive by 10% (with decimal values rounded down).

Generally, if you're in an area where you have an apartment or a gang hideout available you'll rest there unless your current location is hard-to-enter.

If you are running the REM Timer program and have a Neural Link active, it overrides the normal resting results and gives a special message. You do not get a bonus for First Aid or special gang hideout benefits when resting with an REM timer.

Location Base REM Notes
Southside 30 40
Any gang hideout 25 40 various results, see below
Sewer Hideout 15 n/a
Below the Charnel House 20 30
Abandoned Subway (not flooded) 15 30
Abandoned Subway (flooded) 15 20
Mushroom Cavern 25 30
Lake Metroplex (North) ? 25
Lake Metroplex (South) 15 25 Gain 5 energy of Slags Poisoning without full containment suit
Hall of Sculptures (sober) 25 30
Hall of Sculptures (etheric) 12 30
Outside the Slags (no hideout) 20 ?
The Slags 15 20 Gain 5 energy of Slags Poisoning without an air filter
The Slags w/Residual Antidote
or full containment suit
25 30
Ghost Ship 15 20 Gain 10 energy of Spectral Curse
Ghost Ship (w/3 sailing suit parts) 25 30
Oldtown 10 30
Oldtown (made a purchase
at Lattes! today)
20 30 no difference vs. no purchase with REM timer
Records Office 10 15 Regain 15 with office worker or Midgard security outfit, full containment suit, or after Records Office Evacuation
Records Vault 10 10
Misty Offices 10 20* *Gain 10 energy of Parasitic Vine resting with REM timer
Misty Offices w/Parasitic Vine 20 ?
The Cellar Door 30 40
The Cellar Door, after harvesting cyberware 10 15
Downtown 10 30 Buying from Lattes! does not allow you to rest there
Old Cathedral 30 30 Same message with REM timer as Downtown.

† The old TV programs mention an emergency room drama that increases HP gains. This has not been documented since TVs were revamped, but keep an eye out for it if you have a TV in your apartment or hideout.

Other things that affect healing from resting:

Condition Result
Hideout with First Aid Supplies hidden +2 First Aid
Ruptured Organs effect hidden -5 First Aid
Spider Venom effect hidden -3 First Aid
Undying Heart skill If beaten all to hell, gain an additional 10% of max HP

Other Resting Effects

Other things that affect or are affected by resting:

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