Interferes with defensive techniques

Restrain is an ability of some techniques that lets them be harder to avoid. That is to say, when Evasion techniques are used against them, the Evasion is less effective. (See also: Undodgeable Techniques, which allows certain techniques to ignore evasion entirely under some circumstances.)

Evasion normally follows the same formula as combat damage, only instead of dealing x amount of damage, it blocks x amount of damage. More specifically, it blocks a random number between:

min = defense power
max = defense power + MIN(defense power, attribute)

When Restrain comes intro play, the formula chainged to

min = defense power - restrain
max = defense power + MIN(defense power, attribute) - restrain

So - an evasion technique with power = 10 and attribute = 5 (eg. Reflexes), normally blocks 10-15 damage. But if it is opposing a technique with 2 restrain, then it blocked 8-13 damage.

(Note it is not quite the same as simply reducing Evasion Power. In the above example, if you used a -2 Evasion Power debuff instead of the restrain, the range would still be 8-13. BUT- if you consider the same example but with a Reflexes of 10, the range is 8-18 with 2 Restrain, but 8-16 with -2 Evasion Power.)

Source Restrain
Twisting Chains skill w/chain weapon 2?
Chained Ghoul opponent ?
Bear Down (NPC only) 6
Binding Words 4
Hooked Capture 2, possibly more
Pale Summons (untested, guessing based on alt text)
Prison of Ice 9-11?
Roll in Sewage (NPC only) at least 4?
Wrapping Chain 2
One from Ruins Octopus (Squeeze Harder?) ?
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