Ring Test



Encounter Conditions


All encounters take the following format:

Dozens of strange crystalline hoops appear, floating in midair. Past the hoops, you can see simple script reading "Ring Test - Load Complete."

<Various messages below>

And then, without Pep in your Step:
You run out of steam after a while, eventually pausing for longer than the game allows. The distant text changes to "Test Complete - Reloading."

And then, with Pep in your Step:
You seem to have gotten ahead of its generated hoops. The text in the distance stutters, then changes to "Test Complete - Reloading."

You've earned some XP in Reflexes

The message and XP gained depends on the number of unique (different) Evasion techniques in your deck:

Techniques Message XP
0-1 You do your best to move through the hoops, but you just can't come up with any way to get to half of them. Either the game's bugged or you'll have to learn some new moves. 1 XP
2 2 XP
3 You pull out all the tricks you can manage, hitting a lot of hoops. There are still plenty you don't get, but you feel like you're making solid progress. 3 XP
4 4 XP
5-7 You bounce from one hoop to the next, scooting through each of them cleanly. Some are spinning high above you, which makes it difficult to get to them, but you cleared most of the course. 5 XP
8-12 6 XP
13-19 You slide through one hoop after another, each vanishing as you pass through it, until they're all gone 7 XP
20-28 8 XP
29-39 Same as above? (untested) 9 XP
40-52 Same as above? (untested) 10 XP
53-etc. Same as above? (untested) 11 XP

If you have Pep in your Step, you gain +3 XP.


This encounter does not cost Energy.

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