Roll In Sewage


Image unknownchain1.png
Chain 1
Type Melee
Base Damage 10
Special Gives 1 turn of Submerged
Deals 18-21? base damage if submerged
Has some Restrain vs. Evasion
Can be avoided if previously used Clamp Down was vs. Evasion
Combat Message Normally:
<Opponent> rolls with shocking strength, dragging you into the sewage and dealing x damage.

While Submerged:
<Opponent> rolls with shocking strength, crushing the air out of your lungs and dealing x damage.

If you blocked all damage:
<Opponent> rolls with shocking strength for x damage, but you <block all damage in various ways>.

If Clamp Down was vs. Evasion:
<Opponent> sinks into the water, glaring at you with its reptilian eyes.


NPC Only.

Used By (Opponents)

Albino Crocodile

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