Rotting Pariah



Encounter Conditions

Must be on Ship of the Damned quest and Etheric

Initial Text

A terrible stench wafts through the area, somehow piercing through the overall smell of raw sewage. A hunched form shuffles towards you.

It was certainly once a man, like the thing you met over Lake Metroplex. Its body is covered in terrible sores and its lips are stitched together.

It urgently gestures at the string binding its lips.

Summary of Choices

  1. Cut the thread
    1. Hand it the gourd - Progress in Ship of the Damned quest
    2. Kill it… again - Fight a Waterlogged Corpse (Unsewn)
    3. Run away - Walk away?
  2. Kill it now - Fight a Waterlogged Corpse (Unsewn)
  3. Ignore it - Walk away?

Choice Text and Results

Cut the thread


The corpse opens its mouth. "Ffffffinally… ssssso long.

"It looks piercingly through you towards the strange gourd you carry. "Yesssss, you have it… our lives. Please…"

Hand it the gourd

The corpse grins broadly and accepts the gourd from you. "Bottomsssss… up."It tilts the gourd up to its mouth and a single bright mote of light falls out. The mote touches the corpse's lips and it grins again.

You can see the wounds on its body healing as it heads toward the surface.

Kill it… again

The corpse's smile falters as you rush it. It makes a noise somewhere between a hiss and a wet gurgle, looking around desperately for a weapon.

(Fight a Waterlogged Corpse (Unsewn))

Run away


Kill it now

The corpse grimaces at you, the thread holding its mouth together pulling tighter.

(Fight a Waterlogged Corpse (Sewn))

Ignore it


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