Rough Resetting Notes

A list of common obstacles while resetting and various known ways to overcome them, in addition to a few minor pointers.

By no means an exhaustive or even vaguely complete guide to Resetting, only a troubleshooting manual if you are stuck/optimizing.

See also: Beta Reset Checklist

Common Obstacles and their solutions

Where: Where you are likely to encounter this problem
Solve by: Lists various ways to deal with the problem, in no particular order

Ranged Defense

Where: Shard bossfight, Fang Boss, getting containment suit via violence, general
Solve by:
1) Midgard Riot Shield- Kill Midguards (low chance), best found in Computer Lab, MBR Lab or Midgard Warehouse
2) Light Armored Vest- Kill Midguards, Docks Security or Fang Enforcers, or steal from Fangs
3) Armory Crafting: finish protest -> buy blowtorch ->get crafting components either from:
a) gang scrap heap b) VIP arms dealer or c) salvaging tools

Etheric Defense

Where: Doctor Johnson fight, Saber bossfight, Fifth Floor High Road
Solve by:
1) Kill Shard for lieutenant's shades
2) Get Focused Mind (needs Etheric)
3) Obtain Prototype Vest/Metallic Powder in Warehouse (low chance)
4) Emerald Meditation/Urban Lore items
5) Craft blown glass trinket
6) Obtain heavy containment suit from gate guard or saving/stealing from 4th floor scientist
7) Tome of Binding
8) Zombie Pants/Shirt (needs Etheric, probably easiest from the 4th floor)
Also: Can get defensive Etheric techs by binding hounds/killing Third Eye sorcerers, by being Etheric in the VIP room or crafting metallic powder rounds


Where: Lo and Amundsen quests
Solve by:
1) Finishing Problem on the Docks, Quad Student Reward
2) University Bookstore for 400 cred
3) Kill Boris
4) zaibatsu crates on waterfront (Requires PvP)
5) Buy PDA chassis for 100, then either craft components using EE1 or salvage them from computer terminals

Containment Suit

Where: Getting to Hel, finishing Lost Son
Solve by:
1) Killing Slags Guards-repeatable, can craft with sealant patches to speed up
2) Doing Boris' Hunt (AFTER already having slags ID) (one-time)
3) Doctor Thompson quest- sell crate to Slags scientist (one-time)
4) Stealing from 4th floor scientist- (helmet only, one time)
5) Saving 4th floor scientist, getting stuff from him (requires leaving damaged building)
6) Bribe Slags Lab guard (expensive)
7) Hack to level 3 access in Slags Lab, open lockers -> loot big locker

Scrubs Top and Bottom

Where: Getting to Hel (via Slags ID), Lost Son Quest (ALSO need surgeon's mask)
Solve by:
1) Get midgard cap off warehouse workers→ talk to MBR worker for key → open lockers
2) Pickpocket Midgard scientists for key → open lockers
3) Random Crates from warehouse (low chance)
4) Kill the quartet of Midgard Scientists (Risky!)

Slags ID or Slags Antidote

Where: Getting to Hel
(ID) Prerequisite: Talk to Boris or Scientists with scrubs on
(ID)Solve by:
1) Napping in MBR Breakroom w/ scrubs on, get cheat sheets → Take test
2) Do Boris' Hunt
3) Kill Boris, equip his PDA → take test
4) Pickpocket Midgard Scientists, get cheat sheets → take test
(Antidote) Solve by:
1) Get Prototype in Midgard Warehouse
2) Finish Boris' Hunt after getting Slags ID
3) Learn recipe from giving 4th floor scientist MBR antidote
4) Learn recipe from Midgard Laboratory scientists (requires larry's quest?)

Explosives (nitro, gas grenades or dynamite)

Where: Boiler Room, Lo's quest, 3rd floor
Solve by:
1) Finish children's medicine after getting into sewer hideout (crate)
2) Sell Eclipse crate to VIP room girl (crate)
3) Craft with dynamite/lake serpent sample (nitro)
4) Kill warehouse workers (dynamite, low chance)
5) Docks scrap Heap (dynamite) or Metro U scrap heap (gas grenade)
6) Salvage microrockets from helidrones and SD1s (nitro)
7) Stolen crates or random crates from the docks/waterfront (dynamite or gas, low chance)
8) Kill midguards (gas grenade)


Where: Various, especially Lo's quest.
Solve by:
1) Mikhail's Reward, 500 once
2) Finishing Problem on Docks, Docks Guard Reward, 400 once
3) Omnitech Supplies Crate- when gang allies hold Waterfront (requires PvP), ~220 each
4) Doctor Thomas' Quest- selling crates to Dock guard, Carlos, Happy Hour Third Eye (after the VIP girl), 100/50 each
5) Ask for credits during Boris' Hunt, 200 once
6) Sell children's medicine (may make getting Lost Son harder), ~175 once
7) Get treasure chest off corpse guy (requires Etheric) ~300 each
8) Slimy Guy in VIP Room ~ 30 each
9) Lake pearls from tainted shoreline (sober) ~50 each

Experimental Chemistry/Protest Quest

Where: General, getting to VIP Room
Solve by:
1) Talk to Bored Guy or Andrea, end protest via Myers (fastest)
2) Quad choice encounters
3) Losing to Vigilante protestors (requires PvP)

Other Tips and Tricks

When to be Etheric

1) Getting Focused Mind/Shadowy Presence
2) Ocean/Fae Eyes
3) Entering Boiler Room
4) Ending protest via Myers (must be sober to get Bored Guy or Andrea first)
5) Doctor Johnson/5th floor High Road
6) Gaining access to Buried Lab
7) David's Quest (easier with Fae Sight)
8) Using Meditation-type skills (daily)
First two can be done via burning the fang stash (no gas mask)

Convenient Things to Craft

Armory Weapons:
Steel + baton = melee defense
polysteel + steel + cracked bat= melee power
metallic powder + baton = melee power, Etheric Defense
steel/plastic + rifle = ranged power

Armory Defense:
polysteel/steel + paper mask = melee defense
steel + visor = melee defense, fire defense (warning: Perception penalty!)
Plastic + shield= more ranged defense
Plastic + vest/pants = ranged defense
Chitin + vest/pants = melee power + ranged defense
Metallic powder + normal containment suit = Etheric Defense
Polysteel/fused polysteel + vest/pants= melee, ranged defense

Other Armory:
Polysteel + empty clips = shotgun rounds
Metallic Powder + empty clips = anti-etheric techs

Capacitor array + shield= more melee defense
Biomonitor + vest= first aid

Cut nova
eclipse syringe

Pinata (break open for candy)
Paper Cast
Paper Mask (for Armory)

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