Rough Wall


Dockside Sewers (Before Quest)



Encounter Conditions

None, apparently - just got it on my first turn in the sewers, with no ganger maps used. Does my 1(8) Perception let me get through faster?

Initial Text

You find your way to a strange wall blocking off a sewer tunnel. It looks an awful lot like someone built it here more recently, doesn't even reach all the way to the original ceiling.

Might be able to get over it, but it won't be easy.

Summary of Choices

  1. Pull yourself over - If less than 4 Strength: Gain 2 XP in Strength, otherwise Gain 4 XP in Strength and progress in the Sewers?
  2. Look for handholds - If less than 4 Perception: Gain 2 XP in Perception, otherwise Gain 4 XP in Perception and progress in the Sewers?
  3. Turn back - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Pull yourself over

(If >3 Strength)

You jump, grab the top of the wall, and pull yourself over. Your muscles burn with the strain, but you get into a new section of sewers someone obviously doesn't want you in.

You've earned 4 XP in Strength



Look for handholds

(If >3 Perception)

It takes a discerning eye, but you find a few really good handholds and make your way over the wall. Whole section of sewers back here someone doesn't want you to see, must be something interesting back here.

You've earned 4 XP Perception

Unlocks further section of sewers.


You look and look, taking a couple rough stabs, but can't find a good set of handholds.

You've earned 2 XP in Perception

Turn back

You turn around and head back the way you came. Not the most effective way to explore, but definitely a good way to avoid getting covered in raw sewage.

See Walk Away


This is a limited encounter. After you choose to Pull yourself over or Look for handholds this encounter will conclude and will no longer be repeated.

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