Ruins Octopus


Image Crawling-Octopus.jpg
Combat Description The octopus
HP 49-51
Stats Perception: 12
Reflexes: 15
Strength: 12
Will: 6
Power Melee: 7
Unopposed: 0
Defense Melee: 5
Ranged: 5
Fire: -5
Etheric: 0
Stealth: 5
Reactive: 0
Traits animal
Awards 4 XP
You found: 1-5 Massive Tentacle (sometimes)
You found: (sometimes, with Myers sampling kit)
- 1 massive beak
- 1 octopus eye
You found: octopus ink (if Ink Covered, with Myers sampling kit)


Lake Metroplex (south), various
Construction Site, jumping in the Primeval Pit

On winning

If you win the fight while Ink Covered and with a Myers Sampling Kit:

You scrape a bit of the ink off into one of your countless sample vials.

You found: octopus ink

Technique Chain Dam Def Type Notes
Squeeze Harder 0 17 * Melee (normal) *Gives 5? Restrain
'' 27 * Melee (if held or unopposed?) *Gives some? restrain,
Gives <dam-5> turns of Broken Bone
Squeeze Bones 1 15 Melee (normal)
'' 22 Melee (if held)
Gives <dam-5> turns of Broken Bone
Drag To Maw 2 Tight Hold (normal)
'' 17 Melee (if held)
'' None (versus Evasion)
'' None (versus Melee)
Tight Grab 2 Tight Hold (normal)
'' 17 Melee (if held)
'' None (versus Evasion)
Rubble Smash 3 15 Melee (normal)
'' 19 Melee (if held)
Jet Away 4 9-12 Evasion (M, F) (normal)
'' ? Evasion (if held)
Gives 1 turn of Ink Covered
Cancels Tight Hold
Toss Masonry 5 11 Stealth (normal)
'' ? Stealth (if held)
Cancels Tight Hold
The octopus can grab you by using Drag to Maw or Tight Grab.
While grabbed, most other techniques do more damage.
If the octopus uses Jet Away or Toss Masonry, it releases you from its grasp.

You can only get octopus ink if the octopus grabs you and then jets away, and you have a sampling kit.

You lose all turns of Ink Covered at the end of combat, win or lose.
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