Safe In Here



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

As you make your way through a slightly more complete hallway, you hear a "pssst" from a nearby door. A construction worker motions towards you.

"Hey, it's safe in here. C'mon in."

Summary of Choices

  1. Just chat
    1. Ask about the Dorms - information
    2. Ask about the drones - information
    3. Ask about the guards - information
    4. Ask about the Midgard - information
    5. Yell - fight 3 Drone Hounds
    6. Leave him be - walk away
  2. Start working - gain 3 XP Perception and Strength
  3. Force him out - information
  4. Kill him - fight Construction Worker
  5. Leave him be - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Just chat

He nods and whispers. "Sure, whatever you want. Just keep your voice down."

Ask about the Dorms

"Ha!" He looks around nervously as the sound echoes through the sparse halls.

Dropping back to a whisper and looked abashed, he continues. "Fucking Midgard. They want to get their project on schedule, get the Dorms up by the new term or whatever."

"But, classic Midgard, they call us in a couple weeks ago. Nothing's done. They've had a shell here for months, but no floors, no wiring, no internal walls, even the elevator stacks aren't in… I'd like to punch whoever made that call."

"It's like whoever the brought in first thought they were building a warehouse instead of a dorm. That's why they should be hiring guys with a lick of common sense instead of the kids here."

Ask about the drones

He shakes his head. "Gone crazy, that's what's happened. The construction drones are fine… were fine… the hounds went for them first, damnedest thing watching drones tear apart other drones. Like a fucking nature program."

"Couldn't tell you why, though. Before things got real bad, a couple of the other boys and I thought it might be because of that new computer thing they're doing… novice or whatever."

"You and I, though, we'll never find out. Way above our pay grade, even getting double time for shit like this."

Ask about the guards

He shakes his head. "They're alright enough, just wish they'd get the drones off our backs."

"They keep saying that it's isolated incidents and there's nothing to worry about it, but you don't need a diploma to know what shit smells like."

Or, on October 31st?

He shakes his head. "Crazy sons of bitches have been trying to make us work in this, like we're getting paid to run plumbing through a warzone. We're getting rush pay, not hazard pay."

He doesn't have any more to add, as though that closes the matter to any further discussion.

Ask about Midgard

"Midgard?" He shakes his head. "What's there to say?"

"I mean, they're the only game in town. They say jump, everybody jumps. My boss calls our team off this site, he never gets a contract again… bankrupt before the year's out. Merry fucking Christmas."

He sighs heavily. "I walk off this site? I get fired, unless my boss wants to lose his contract… toss me or everybody's kids get half-eaten sandwiches instead of those creepy singing Idoru dolls for Christmas."

"Hate to say it, but you and me? We're expendable. You go to Southside, get a dozen guys that can do our jobs fine. Need a project like this, two hundred, two thousand guys? Hire some sucker to post fliers out in the flats or talk to some highwayfolk. Pay half what we're getting, have twenty thousand starving bastards beating down your door."

He deflates a little, as though he's been holding that in his chest, and rubs at his eyes. "Sorry, sorry. I've been thinking about Midgard a lot lately… it just always ends the same way."

He forces himself to smile. "But at least they gave us these sweet hats, right?"


You start to shout. He scampers backwards as though you just shoved a gun in his face.

No… actually, he wasn't looking at you… he was looking right behind you.

(Fight 3 Drone Hounds)

Start working

You start working next to him. He eventually sighs heavily and starts patching up where you just have no idea what you're doing.

He doesn't seem happy exactly, glancing over his shoulder every few seconds, but together you manage to get a section of wall in.

You've earned 3 XP in Perception

You've earned 3 XP in Strength

Force him out

He doesn't seem interested in leaving, but seems even less interested in starting a fight, so you manage to get him out of the room with a little cajoling.

Kill him

You rush into the room. He scrambles backwards and grabs some tools to defend himself but obviously considers himself outmatched.

(Fight Construction Worker)

leave him be

You just back out of the room. He seems a little confused, but certainly uninterested in following you.

See Walk Away

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