Safety Loop


Image Circuit25.jpg
Description This specialized circuit is designed to protect more valuable hardware. It's fairly simple, made to route incoming signals through a loop until they can be analyzed and verified, but it should get the job done.
Type Misc


Set a Signal Analysis Circuit to watch the signals on a Frayed Cable.
Quest Recipe: Learn from the neglected bookshelf
Signal Analysis Circuit Frayed Cable
= Safety Loop

A gift from David the Coffee Machine Nerd for tagging sites (after the Antique Control Gloves).


Create a secure PDA with a PDA Chassis, a Processor Chip, a Memory Stick, and a Safety Loop. (3 Energy)
PDA Chassis Processor Chip
Dumb PDA Memory Stick
Functioning PDA Safety Loop
= Hardened PDA
Construct a temporary neural bridge from a Safety Loop, two Frayed Cables, and some Circuit Fragments
Quest Recipe: Learn recipe from Neural Networking paper
toolbelt.jpg Safety Loop, 2 Frayed Cable, Circuit Fragments
= Juryrigged Bridge
Equip an OmniTech Learntop with a Safety Loop.
OmniTech Learntop Safety Loop
= Safety Learntop
toolbox.jpg Signal Analysis Circuit, Frayed Cable
GoldCoins.jpg .10 goods
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