Salvage Spading

Using the table on this post, 10-15 samples should be enough for 2-result salvaging. More complicated items (like the Omnitech Learntop) should probably have more.

Bolded items give things that aren't just the reverse of crafting recipes. Italics otherwise.

All data points are assumed to be with Expert Salvager unless otherwise indicated.

handheld core
sculpted bowl
slammer bottle
spherical egg
stressed crowbar
warehouse supervisor ID
macabre gift
foil wrapped present
cold present
frosty top hat
sparring ring plans
fair trade coffee
fortified coffee grounds
unreal drip
Base Item Samples Results
571 chip 60->60 circuit fragments (x1)
abstract sketch
achromatic blade 3->3 achromatic ingot (x1)
achromatic heart
achromatic lamp
achromatic mask 3->3 achromatic ingot (x1)
achromatic rifle 3->3 achromatic ingot (x1)
achromatic shield
achromatic slacks 3->3 achromatic ingot (x1)
achromatic vest 3->3 achromatic ingot (x1)
actual antique watch
advanced rangefinder
alien museum mask
all weather coat 15->15 unlined vest (x1)
analyzing cybereye
Anarchist Cookbook
anchor chain 50->50 steel ingot (x1)
ancient gold coins 30->41 gold foil (x2)
ancient notes
ancient rifle 14->14 steel ingot (x1)
ancient saber 7->[sword hilt, steel ingot] [sword hilt] [sword hilt] [sword hilt] [sword hilt, steel ingot] [steel ingot] [sword hilt]
antidote injector
antique control gloves
antique dueling pistol
antique needler
antique plasma TV 10 (…) circuit fragments (x1), frayed cable (x1)
antique scope
antiquey watch
aquatic jumpjet
armored jacket 10->7 vest, 8 plastic unlined vest (x1), ballistic plastic (x1)
armored pants 10->7,7 unlined pants (x1), ballistic plastic (x1)
arrayed cybereye
arrayed scope 5->4 op, 5 scopes optical array (x1), basic scope (x1)
art museum bowl
artificial hound crystal 10->1 or 2 (various) hound dust (x2)
artificial neural fibers
assisted pistol
Autodoc signal analysis circuit (x1), biomonitor circuit (x1), unformatted memory core (x1)
autolock sidearm
autotargeting sidearm
bad poetry 50->50 paper mache (x1)
ballistic gang jacket
ballistic shield
Barsukov sidearm
Barsukov's papers
basic scope 30->30 polysteel (x1)
battered crowbar
battered dish segment
battered hammer 7->7 polysteel polysteel (x1)
Benny Smith memory
biofeedback vest
biomonitor circuit 40->42 frayed cable, 24 sac frayed cable (x2), signal analysis circuit (x1)
biomonitor kit 5->3,3 first aid kit (x1), biomonitor circuit (x1)
Biotech PDA
black bayonet rifle
black glass heart
black market chipdeck
Black Ops HUD
black rose
black rose bloom
black rose bud
black shark tooth
black silver blade
black silver chain
black silver cloth
black silver visor
black stone knuckles
black stone pants
black stone vest
black switchblade
blackened vest
blank paper 20->20 paper mache (x1)
blast visor
blazing PDA
blindshot visor
bloodied knife
bloody hand
bloody switchblade
bloody vase
blown glass trinket
blue Halloween punch
blue punch bowl
bone club
bone edged chain
bone gang jacket
book of sailing stories
book of sculptures
brain staples single 70->70 circuit fragments (x1)
brick apple
brick figure
brick house
brick knuckles
bridging mesh
broken bottle 50->50 powdered glass (x1)
buffered learntop
buffered PDA
buffered TZR
bulletproof vest
buried crown
buzzing TZR
caffeine IV
candy bricks 13->13 processed sugar (x1)
canned green beans 15->15 polysteel (x1)
capacitor array 25->36 microcapacitor (x1)
cavalry saber
ceremonial sledge
chained museum mask
chameleon glands
charged golem heart
charged sludge heart
charred firework 20 -> 15 polysteel, 16 sulfur polysteel (x1), sulfur (x1)
charred projector
cheap pistol 300->221 polysteel, 233 pf polysteel (x1), pistol fittings (x1)
chemistry papers
Chess for Beginners
chip junkie sidearm
classic handgun
classic switchblade
classy candy bowl
climber's memory
clip of explosive bullets
clip of silver bullets
code on paper
coder's watch
cold rib
cold skull
collected candle
comm dish core
commemorative bucket (10 -> 15) polysteel (x2)
compromising memory core
containment helmet
containment suit pants 15->11 up, 15 sp
containment suit top
corduroys 10->10 unlined pants (x1)
core formatter
corroded dermal plates
cracked containment helmet 20->20 sealant patches (x1)
crackling coil
crackling injector
crafted candy bowl
crane memory
crazed tract 7->7 paper mache (x1)
crocodile hide jacket
crocodile pants
crocodile shield
crude ganger map
crude skull mask
crushed glasses
crystal hand
crystal hound's tooth
crystal spike 10->10 hound dust (x1)
crystal syringe
crystalline mushroom
crystallized octopus eye
custom flak jacket
Cyberbowl ball
Cyberbowl chipdeck
cycle chain
damaged drone antenna
dancing blade
decaying rib
decorative spear
decorative webbing
descrambled TV
digging arm
disgusting slug
dish segment
distressed pants
disturbing canvas
dorm support
doused firework
dual armored vest
dual laser
dual learntop
dumb pda
dysfunctional PDA
echo capacitors 50->102 (and more samples) microcapacitor (x1), [2 microcapacitors] (x1)
Eclipse injector
Eclipse sapphire
Electrical Engineering I
Electrical Engineering II
Electrical Engineering III
Emerald Gift sample
emerald Halloween punch
empty candy bowl
empty champagne bottle
empty cybereye
empty injector
empty punch bowl
empty shard
empty vase
enhanced firework
entertainment sidearm
entertainment visor
eternal sparkler
eurasian handcannon
examination glasses
executive sidearm
expanded gold learntop
expanded handheld
expanded learntop
expanded PDA
Extreme Cheater's Line
Extreme Floating Lure 25->25 polysteel (x1)
Extreme Sinking Lure 10->10 polysteel (x1)
eye of the earth serpent
F paper
fake skull mask
family dinner memory
Fang PDA 17->33 signal buffer (x1), [signal buffer and PDA chassis] (x1), gold processor (x1), formatted memory core (x1)
fast PDA
festival doll
festival mask
fiery museum mask
filtered HUD
filthy baseball bat 10->15 polysteel (x2)
filthy duster
filthy pistol 50->40 polysteel, 34 pf pistol fittings (x1), polysteel (x1)
fine gold monocle 8->6,6 gold foil (x1), powdered glass (x1)
fire axe
fireworks shades
firing range plans
flashy switchblade 8->8 switchblade handle (x1)
foam rock
focused needler
formatted memory core 20-> 14 caps, 17 cf circuit fragments (x1), microcapacitor (x1)
fragile antique blade
frat party fliers
frigid scarf
front row memory
frosty bone chips 10->10 ectoplasmic sample
frosty claw
functioning pda
fused blade
fused breastplate
fused pistol
fused plates
gallery visor 10-> 6 cf, 5 os, 2 vf, 0 polysteel
gang scuba
garbage sticker
gel baton
gel shield
ghoul maw
ghoulish crown 1->[2 ghoul teeth], 0 ghoulish sinew
giant paper mache head
gilt chocolate coins
gilt gang jacket
gilt truffle
glazed cybereyes
glimmering crystal eye
glimmering crystal half
glimmering crystal hunk
glimmering crystal piece
glimmering crystal point
glimmering crystal slab
glimmering crystal solitaire
glimmering crystals
glimmering HUD
gold dual learntop
gold firework
gold framed spectacles 10->9 glass, 6 foil
gold knuckles
gold learntop
gold Midgard Player
gold pda
gold pearl
gold processor
gold TZR
golden key 10->10 gold foil (x1)
green punch bowl
grey punch bowl
gruesome battle sketch
hackers' memory core
halloween counterpetition
halloween map
halloween museum petition
Halloween skeleton
Halloween ticket
hand of glory
handcrafted blade
handcrafted PDA
handmade pistol
handmade rifle
hard pumpkin cider
hardened blade
hardened cloth
hardened gang jacket
hardened PDA
hardened switchblade
haunted bat
headstone ticket
heart of the earth serpent
heavy baton
heavy containment helmet 10->7,7 containment helmet (x1), metallic powder (x1)
heavy containment pants 10->8,8 containment suit pants (x1), metallic powder (x1)
heavy containment top 10->8 tops+6 powder containment suit top (x1), metallic powder (x1)
heavy fishing pole
heavy pistol 500->575 polysteel, 281 pf pistol fittings (x1), polysteel (x2)
heavy puffball 10->10 sparkling spores (x1)
heavy riot shield
hefty wrench
helidrone antenna
highmem TZR
History of Optics
History of the Orbital Wars 3->14 (3x1, 4x1, 7x1) paper mache (x3), paper mache (x4)
holocaust coat
holographic projector
homemade laser
hooked chain 50->50 steel ingot (x1)
hooked cyberlegs
hound crystal 10->10 hound dust (x1)
hunter sidearm 15->13 pf, 12 plastic ballistic plastic (x1), pistol fittings (x1)
hustler's coat
hustler's cue
icicle fang
Idoru nurse 14-> 4 caps, 8 os, 2 cf, 4 bio
infested containment helmet
infested containment pants
infested containment top
inflatable Cyberbowl ball
Integrated Rams helmet
immersive visor
improbable gun
improved visor
improvised ballistic cloth
In the Jungle
inlaid saber
inspiringly creepy sketch 10->10 paper mache (x1)
inspiringly cyclic sketch 5->5 paper mache (x1)
inspiringly detailed sketch 3->3 paper mache (x1)
inspiringly direct sketch 3->3 paper mache (x1)
inspiringly strange sketch 3->3 paper mache (x1)
integrated cybergun
interlocked scales
interoffice memo
island raid memory
jagged baton
jagged knuckles
juryrigged bridge
juryrigged rocket
kid's flippers
kidnappers syringe
Killers 3
kingly blade
knockoff katana
knuckle charm
knuckle necklace
knuckle strands
KZR needler
lab radio
lab visor
labeled firework
laser projector
layered aquatic fabric
lead pipe 100->100 lead (x1)
Legion tract 50->50 paper mache (x1)
lieutenant's shades 10->10 visor frame
light armored vest 300->226 polysteel, 220 uv unlined vest (x1), polysteel (x1)
lined coat
lined pants
linked handheld
list of names 10->10 paper mache
live cable
living hand
locker key 10->10 polysteel
lonely travel sketch
long clip 10->10 empty clip (x1)
long range scanner
lost hook
magnetic coil
magnetic sidearm
manhole cover
manhole cover shield
map from Big M
mass of squid eyes
massive assailant sketch
massive hunting knife 25->40 polysteel (x2)
mauled fishing hook
meaty haunch
memorial rifle
memory mesh
memory sidearm
memory stick
metallic powder rounds
micro rocket 100-> 44 nitro, 44 circuit, 63 optical sensor circuit fragments (x1), nitro (x1), optical sensor (x2)
Midgard hardhat
Midgard MK11a 10->10 assault rifle fittings (x1)
Midgard MK9 75->53 arf, 61 polysteel assault rifle fittings (x1), polysteel (x1)
Midgard neural expander
Midgard riot shield 10->15 ballistic plastic (x2)
mimetic gang jacket
mimetic pants
mimetic sheet
mimetic vest
mining pants
mining shirt
mirror gang jacket
mirror heart vest
mirror-handled pistol
mislit rusted sword
mislit torch
misty gem
mock Y5
modern assault rifle
modernized rifle
module chip
Molotov cocktail
monitored Midgard Player
monitoring vest
mountaineer pants
museum guidebook
mushroom spade
My Little Idoru 550->550 polysteel (x1)
navigator's glasses
navigator's penknife
needler rifle See discussion frayed cable (x1), microcapacitor (x1), 2 microcapacitors (x1), polysteel (x2), thick cabling (x1)
neural bridge
neural mesh
new fishing pole
nice shades
nightmarish gang jacket
novelty axe 10->10 polysteel (x1)
novelty switchblade
numbing IV
numbing skull
nuts and bolts
office thermos
ointment injector
old cola bottle 10->10 powdered glass (x1)
old composite rod
old fairy tales 1->2, 3 or 5 (several tries) [2 paper mache] (x1), [3 paper mache] (x1)
old fishing pole 30->27 polysteel, 21 secondhand lines AND [polysteel] [polysteel, secondhand line] [polysteel, secondhand line] [polysteel, secondhand line] [polysteel, secondhand line] [secondhand line] [polysteel, secondhand line] [polysteel, secondhand line] [polysteel, secondhand line] [polysteel, secondhand line]
old kitchen knife
old PDA
old pipe 10->10 lead (x1)
old scalpel
old spectacles
old switchblade 20->14 polysteel, 15 handles switchblade handle (x1), polysteel (x1)
OmniTech learntop (see discussion) signal analysis circuit (x1), microcapacitor (x1), [2 microcapacitor] (x1), frayed cable (x1), [2 circuit fragments] (x1), [3 circuit fragments] (x1)
OmniWatch 150->74 cf, 70 caps, 77 os circuit fragments (x1), microcapacitor (x1), optical sensor (x1)
optical array
optical bracelet
optical clip
optical HUD
optical needler
optical rangefinder
optical sidearm
optical vest
optical visor
ornate letter opener
ostentatious blade
outlaw coat
paint injector
palace spear
paper cast 10->16 paper mache (x2)
paper mache horn
party mask
passthrough visor
PDA chassis 90-> 65 cf, 61 polysteel circuit fragments (x1), polysteel (x1)
pearled shark tooth
petrol gem
pitted chain
pitted thermos 30->30 steel ingot (x1)
polar cable
polysteel can 10->10 polysteel (x1)
polysteel mask
polysteel support
postapocalyptic spear
powered injector
processor chip 15->30 circuit fragments (x1), circuit fragments (x2), polysteel (x1)
programmatic poetry
programmatic satire
promotional pamphlet
protest sign 10->10 paper mache (x1)
prototype vest
psychopath's knife
pumpkin microbrew
punk jacket 10->7 vests, 12 polysteel unlined vest (x1), polysteel (x2)
punk pants 10->3 pants, 9 polysteel unlined pants (x1), polysteel (x2)
putrid sapphire
Quantum Mechanics
quivering needler
quivering rifle
quivering switchblade
quivering sword
rangefinder bracelet
ratty suit coat
ratty suit pants
razor knuckles
reactive gang jacket
reactive mask
reactive pants
reactive vest
rebuilt learntop
red hot pipe 10->10 lead (x1)
refitted switchblade
refitted Y4
reflected apple
reflected flower
reflected mask
reflected mushroom
reflected scales
reflected sword
reflected torch
reflected wolf tooth
reflective baton
reflexive jumpjet
reforged pistol
refurbished baseball bat
reinforced chain
reinforced cloth 15->15 polysteel (x1)
reinforced kitchen knife
reinforced pants
reinforced surgical mask 10->14 polysteel (x2)
repaired Vigilante pistol
replica katana
replica sword
resonant emerald crystal
restored pistol
retooled rifle
retro assault rifle
retro PDA
retrofitted needler
retrofitted scanner
retromodern scope
riot baton 300->437 polysteel (x2)
ripped containment pants 20->20 sealant patches (x1)
ripped containment top 20->20 sealant patches (x1)
rocket fuse 10->10 sulfur (x1)
roman candle
roomsweeper 30-> (even split) empty clip (x1), polysteel (x1), assault rifle fittings (x1)
rotting journal 20-> (even split) [2 paper mache] (x1), [3 paper mache] (x1), thin shiv (x1)
Roy's Secret Sauce
ruby apple
rusted gun
safety learntop
safety loop
safety vest
sailing cap 10->10 ectoplasmic sample (x1)
sailing pants 10->10 ectoplasmic sample (x1)
sailing shirt 10->10 ectoplasmic sample (x1)
sailor's charm
salvaged pipe 15->24 steel ingot (x1), steel ingot (x1)
sapphire Halloween punch
sashimi knife 10->10 polysteel (x1)
satirical poetry
saturated firework
scaled gang jacket
scaled pants
scaled vest
scarred fishing pole
scarred silver mask
scary storybook
scorched glass shards 10->10 powdered glass (x1)
scorched watch
scraped bone
sculpted glass virus
SDnano memory stick
SDnano prototype
sea journal 15->48 paper mache (x2), paper mache (x3)
sealant patches 100->100 polysteel (x1)
security visor 50-> 23 cf, 25 os, 24 vf circuit fragments (x1), optical sensor (x1), visor frame (x1)
selective mesh
serpent knuckles
shaky manhole shield
shark hide baton
shark hide jacket
shark hide pants
shark hide vest
shark tooth blade
sheet of scales
sheet of white plastic
shielded jumpjet
shining blade
shining cloth
shining gang jacket
shining knuckles
shining mask
shining mirror shard
shining vest
shiny butcher knife
shivering cable
shivering cybereye
shock shield
shorted cable
shorted TV
shotgun rounds 15->11 ec, 12 polysteel polysteel (x1), empty clip (x1)
show Vigilante pistol
shriveled hand
signal analysis circuit 15->22 circuit fragments (x1), circuit fragments (x1)
signal buffer
silver baton
silver blade
silver Eclipse
silver knuckles
silver mask
silver switchblade
silvered shield
silverware remnants 100->100 silver ingot (x1)
skeletal hand
Slags IV
Slags medical ID
slick holdout
slick shades
slimy cloth
sloshing vase
sludge heart 15->15 petrol sludge (x1)
smart clip
smoked firework
smoking cinders
smoking talons
smoky glass visor
smoky firework
smoldering skull
sniper rifle
snowman head
snowman head ornament
snowman song
soaked newspaper 15->15 paper mache (x1)
sparkling glass claws
sparkling petals
spiked cloth
stained bandages
stalker's knife 15->15 steel ingot (x1)
steady sidearm
steel baton
steel clad bat
steel clad rocket
steel knife
steel knuckles
steel length
steel mask
steel scrap
steel switchblade
stone punch
stone spider leg 15->22 stone spider chitin (x1), stone spider chitin (x1)
Stone's pistol
Stories at an Exhibition
studded gang jacket
student horror film 15->15 circuit fragments (x1)
student PDA 15->26 memory stick (x1), PDA chassis (x1), processor chip (x1)
super holowatch 15->24 circuit fragments (x1), microcapacitor (x1)
surgeon's mask 20->20 1x poly
Survey of Modern Poetry
suspicious rifle 100->69 arf, 80 polysteel assault rifle fittings (x1), polysteel (x1)
swirling maelstrom sketch
talking doll 10->15 circuit fragments (x1), frayed cable (x1), optical sensor (x1), polysteel (x1)
target gallery plans
targeted jumpjet
targeting bracelet
targeting circuit 38->(sig, opt)x16, (1xopt)x10, (2xopt)x6, (1xsig)x6 signal analysis circuit (x1), optical sensor (x1), optical sensor (x1)
targeting scope
tarnished coins 25->25 tarnished coins
tattered newspaper page 50->50 paper mache (x1)
The Eye 100->367 (2x29, 3x23, 5x48) paper mache (x2), paper mache (x3)
the Hammer's sledge 10->15 steel ingot (x1), steel ingot (x1)
the Intimidator
thermos charge
thermos of Joe 40->T x1, (T+2C) x2, (T+3C) x3, (T+4C) x3, 2C x5, 3C x6, 4C x 9, 5C x 5, 6C x3, 7C x3 cup of joe (x2), cup of joe (x3), cup of joe (x4), pitted thermos (x1)
thick baton
thick cabling 25->38 frayed cable (x1), frayed cable (x1)
thick vest 10->14 light armored vest (x1), polysteel (x1)
thin shiv 10->10 steel ingot (x1)
tinker's pistol
toxic Halloween punch
toy Vigilante pistol
tracer eye
tracking chip [2 cf], [capa, mcap], [sac], [capa, mcap], [capa, cf], [sac, capa], [sac, mcap], [sac, cf]
traditional armored vest
trauma reference 3 pm (x1), 4 pm (x1)
treasured musket 10->18; 8->2 ingot x4, 1 ingot x4 steel ingot x2
trick or treat note
trick sidearm
trophy talons
truly abstract sketch 10->10 paper mache x1
twin firework
twisted doll head
twisted firework
twisted glasses
twisted spider limb
twisted voodoo doll
twisting silver blade
twitch controller
twitch learntop
twitch mesh
twitch PDA
twitch visor
twitching bat wing
TZR chipdeck
unbootable PDA
uncharged injector
unending chain
unformatted memory core [cf, cap], [cf], [cap], [cf, cap], [cf], [cf], [cf], [cf], [cf, cap], [cf], [cap], [cf], [cf, cap], [2 cf], [2 cf], [cf, cap], [cf], [cf], [cf, cap] circuit fragments (x2), microcapacitor (x1)
university funding bucket 100->146 polysteel (x1), polysteel (x1)
university jack o' lantern
unlabeled music
unlocked Midgard Player
unsealed pants
unsealed top
unshielded jumpjet
unused Y4 15->36 memory stick (x1), PDA Chassis (x1), processor chip (x2), signal analysis circuit (x1)
updated scanner
uplinked sidearm
used rocket
venomous angel
vicious chain
vicious holdout
vicious poetry
vintage suit coat 50->50 unlined vest (x1)
vintage suit pants 50->50 unlined pants (x1)
visor frame 20->20 polysteel (x1)
Walk With The Blind
warehouse security badge 30->24cf, 19 p circuit fragments (x1), polysteel (x1)
warm latte 20->20 polysteel (x1)
waterlogged PDA see discussion Polysteel (x2), Microcapacitor (x1), Circuit Fragments (x1)
wetsuit pants 10->10 wetsuit fabric (x1)
wetsuit top 10->10 wetsuit fabric (x1)
wicked knife 10->10 steel ingot (x1)
WildCats helmet
wired sidearm 10->16 executive sidearm (x1), signal analysis circuit (x1), targeting circuit (x1)
work pants
wrapped museum mask
writhing cable
yellowing map 10->10 paper dust (x1)
Zaibatsu TZR 20->[proc, mem], [mem], [cap, proc], [cap, PDA], [cap], [PDA], [cap, mem], [cap], [cap], [cap, PDA], [cap, mem], [proc, pda], [proc, mem], [mem], [cap, mem], [mem], [cap, pda], [proc], [mem, pda], [proc, pda], [pda], [cap, proc], [cap], [cap], [proc, pda] processor chip (x1), memory stick (x1), capacitor array (x1), PDA chassis (x1)

Everything else can't be salvaged (as of items by id rev. #966)

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