Scattering Firework


Image FatFirework.jpg
Description This powerful firework is designed to scatter its glowing pieces far and wide. It's a lot stronger than your typical legal firework, but the fire danger is hopefully spread out enough that nobody will burn down the city again.
Type Usable

You release the firework into the sky. It explodes, sending fragments of itself everywhere, but slowly gathering them back together in gentle arcs. It's beautiful, but you can't shake the feeling it could be even moreso with a bit of extra control.


Set Twin Fireworks up to shatter with some White Flakes
Twin Firework White Flakes
= Scattering Firework

Salvaging a Midgard firework.


Aim a Scattering Firework with a Targeting Circuit
Scattering Firework Targeting Circuit
= Designed Firework
Inform a Scattering Firework with a Cancelled Circuit
Scattering Firework Cancelled Circuit
= Cancelled Firework
toolbox.jpg Salvageable but unknown result
GoldCoins.jpg .12 Goods
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