Scavenge (The Quad)



Encounter Conditions

  • You must be participating in gang warfare
  • Your gang must have control (or complete control) The Quad
  • Your gang warfare agenda for the zone must be set to scavenge


You rummage through the garbage in The Quad. It's amazing what you can find if everybody leaves you the hell alone.


You found 4-6 of: battered cred chip, broken bottle, caramel bar, Castor capsule, circuit fragments, corduroys, frayed cable, fresh cred chip, lukewarm latte, Metros Light, microcapacitor, Omniwatch, optical sensor, orange juice sample, whiskey bottle, Third Eye shirt, the over/under, gas grenades.

You've earned 5 XP in Perception

And, with Juryrigged Antenna and Relay Search or University Relay:

Your gang keeping the streets clear makes it easier for you to focus on the signals you're searching for.

You've gained 20 duration of Eye on the Signal.

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