Schmoozing The Elegant Residents



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

An elegantly-dressed woman wanders by. She's clearly not working here, which probably means she's one of the residents the organizers have been hitting up for money.

Summary of Choices

  1. Talk wine - adds 100 to drinks fund
  2. Talk food - adds 250 to food fund
  3. Talk decorations - adds 150 to decorations fund
  4. Talk security - increases soberness of guards
  5. Talk costumes - gain 2 XP Will, or 4 XP Will if in costume or cyberware
  6. Elect for violence - fight Tower Resident (female)
  7. Blow her off - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Talk wine

She shrugs. "I guess you do need wine, don't you?"

She fiddles with her comm for a while, donating a token 100 credits to the drinks fund.

Talk food

She looks momentarily panicked and aghast. "Not enough food? Even if they run out of canapes, it's Halloween! King-sized candy bars for all, am I right?"

She fiddles with her comm for a while, donating 250 credits to the food fund.

Talk decorations

She peers at you for a moment. "I do like a well-decorated haunted house, but knowing Silver Towers, they're going to put up mirrors everywhere."

She fiddles with her comm for a while, donating 150 credits towards decorations.

Talk security

She nods. "Yes, it would be a shame if we all had to hide pistols in our costumes. Never lays right, you know?"

You're not entirely sure if she's joking, but she does promise to talk to the guards.

Or, in Midgard Security outfit:

"Really," she peers at you, "I wouldn't expect this to be a matter for outside security, but I guess some of these kids are probably important… I suppose my little ones will probably end up at Met U someday too."

"I'll have a talk with the guards, make sure they get up off their asses once in a while."

Talk costumes

She shrugs. "I'll probably check with some of my friends who are coming. Don't want to be dressed for a masquerade while everyone else is wearing the newest Zaibatsu tech. Or, you know, visa versa."

You've earned 2 XP in Will


"Hmmm, well," she purses her lips for a moment, "I suppose I'd better keep up with the times, hadn't I? What's Halloween after all, than the one night we can all let go?"

You've earned 4 XP in Will


She nods comfortably. "I've got a couple of ideas. Old classics, you know."

You've earned 4 XP in Will

Elect for violence

She seems less surprised than just sad, sliding out a small pistol to defend herself.

(Fight Tower Resident (female))

Blow her off

You walk past her as she continues to wander, asking the caterers where she might be able to find some snacks.

(Walk Away)

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