Scientist Conversation

Midgard Laboratory



Encounter Conditions

Only from operating theatre or lab workers

Initial Text

The scientists let you take over the conversation easily. Where do you steer it?

Summary of Choices

  1. The Slags - Learn about the incident
  2. Survivors - Learn that Hel is in the Damaged Buildings
  3. Eclipse - Learn that Eclipse is used in the Slags Antidote, unlock Addict by Osmosis, get battered cred chip to not tell you sold eclipse to other scientists.
  4. Project Huginn - (Replaces Small Talk if you have viewed the hidden files from the Lab Terminal?) - Gain 3 XP in Will
  5. Introductions to record - (Only if you have tried to use the voice interface from the Lab Terminal) - Gain slags lab recording
  6. Dr. Mira - After seeing her in the lab
  7. Small talk - Gain 3 XP in Perception

Choice Text and Results

The Slags

One of the scientists steps forward to explain. "I guess you're new, so the basics might not hurt."

"Since what Midgard calls 'the Incident,' the Slags have been a burnt wasteland. It was a terrible firestorm… even this facility might not survive another one."

"Anyway, leave what you think you know at the door. There are creatures out in the Slags that couldn't possibly exist. And the laws we're used to don't all apply."


The eldest of the scientists shakes his head sadly. "As far as we know, there's only one survivor still in here. Lives somewhere in the buildings to the east."

"No use trying to talk to her, though. Best to hope she doesn't notice you. Only idiots approach her."

He chuckles. "I suppose we all fit that bill a bit."


One of the labworkers cocks his head. "Eclipse? It's a synthetic drug of some sort."

One of the others pipes in, "it's related to the Slags radiation somehow. The antidote uses some Eclipse, I know."

They talk about processing the Eclipse a bit, which doesn't seem particularly challenging. You could probably do it with a basic student chemistry kit.

(And, if you don't know the recipe aleady:)

You've learned a new chemistry recipe: Liquified Eclipse - Create a more potent, liquid form of Eclipse with two Eclipse tablets.

(And, if you have given a crate of Eclipse to a lab tech in the slags as part of the Dr. Thomas quest:)

While they talk, the lab technician you dealt Eclipse to earlier slips you a cred chip so you don't mention it to his coworkers.

You found: battered cred chip

Small talk

The scientists seem remarkably uncomfortable talking about their lives outside of work. You're reduced to guessing interesting details from their body language.

You've earned 3 XP in Perception

Project Huginn

Despite your best efforts, you can't get any of them to talk about Project Huginn. They all claim they've never heard of it.

Even the doctor who originally nodded along and answered your questions with even vaguer questions eventually admits he was just trying to save face. Putting him in his place is enjoyable, but ultimately doesn't answer any questions.

You've earned 3 XP in Will

Dr. Mira

After a while of scientists silently trading glances, one finally decides to speak. "She's technically one of the teamleads, but everybody goes to her for help so she really runs the place in a way… especially with Johnson gone."

He trails off, letting one of the others move in with an opinion. "You never get a lot out of her, but she really seems to want to help. I've heard she's on a special project that means she can't divulge too many details."

A third scientist nods and adds "she knows more about Slags Intoxification than anyone else." The group nods in assent, although one offers "not that that's much."

That single statement seems to crush the group's morale. They stand in uncomfortable silence for a few moments before wandering their separate ways.

Introductions to record

You carefully palm your comm, recording everyone as you steer the conversation to a round of introductions. After the formalities everyone scatters.

You found: Slags lab recording


Before January 4th. 2013 the following line was not there when asking about Eclipse (prompted by post-pocast discussion here):

They talk about processing the Eclipse a bit, which doesn't seem particularly challenging. You could probably do it with a basic student chemistry kit.

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