Scientist's Corpse



Encounter Conditions

The scientist from the Bloodied Scientist encounter must have died.

Initial Text

You find the corpse of the scientist here, still wearing his containment helmet.

Summary of Choices

Loot the corpse - get heavy containment helmet and 4 of: battered cred chip, egg salad sandwich, fresh cred chip, Midgard Mk9, needler rifle, protein bar. Unlock Rat King combat encounter on 4th floor of damaged buildings?
Bury the corpse - counts as good deed for unearthly coin
Leave it for vermin - Unlock Rat King combat encounter for damaged buildings 4th floor. Possibly progress through floor faster?

Choice Text and Results

Loot the corpse


You pull off the helmet, root through his pockets, and grab his weapon. He had some pretty nice stuff. Shame the rest of his suit wasn't still together.

You found: heavy containment helmet

You found 2-4 of: battered cred chip, egg salad sandwich, fresh cred chip, protein bar

You found 1 of: Midgard MK9, needler rifle

Bury the corpse

You decide to give him the best burial you can give the situation. It's a pretty simple matter, but you manage to get him covered and protected from vermin and the elements.

Leave it for vermin


You decide the corpse isn't worth your time and head to explore more of the fourth floor. You start learning your way around.

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