Scrap Heap


Cost 10 Profit
Prerequisites None
Description Usable from the Hideout screen to dig through the heap, recharged by Scavenging in controlled areas
Installation Text (text)
Use Text Raid the Scrap Heap (1 Energy)
Requires 1 Energy
Use text
Effects You found: (see below)


  • Spend one Energy to dig through a bunch of trash.
  • Every time someone in your gang scavenges in any area, all scrap heaps will increase in size (formula unknown).
  • Every time someone uses a scrap heap, all scrap heaps will decrease in size (formula unknown).
  • The larger your heap pit is, the more items you'll get when you raid it. (There's no way to tell in advance how large your scrap pit is.)
  • The maximum capacity can be increased by upgrading to a Scrap Pit.

Possible results (I'm assuming these are the same as the pit):

circuit fragments, dynamite, Eclipse, empty clip, frayed cable, microcapacitor, pistol fittings, polysteel, switchblade handle, waterlogged PDA

Metroplex U:
circuit fragments, Eclipse, empty clip, frayed cable, gas grenades, microcapacitor, polysteel, signal analysis circuit, unlined pants, unlined vest

Outside the Slags:
assault rifle fittings, circuit fragments, damp seaweed, frayed cable, fresh mollusk, microcapacitor, optical sensor, partially digested fish, polysteel, unlined pants, unlined vest, withered tendrils

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